You Are the Creator of Your Own Reality

We wish to remind you that you are the creator of your own reality. This is difficult for many to accept initially. Existence, spirit, the Quantum Field, whatever label you wish to put upon it, responds to your vibration, your thoughts, your spoken word, your feelings. So, we are coming back to the fact that everything in this reality is vibration. And so existence responds to your moment-by-moment vibration. Wherever you put your focus, whatever you are feeling, thinking, speaking, and doing are influencing what comes back into your life -- either instantly or in the near future.

No Need to Justify Who You Are

So let us suggest few things. Be aware when you are focusing negatively on what is happening around you, either with other people or situations. If you are moving into a negative judgment, which is very easy to do because it is part of the way your society functions, if you are moving into negative judgment, then that is lowering your vibration. That is attracting lower energetics into your life. If you can, catch yourself and always look from a compassionate point of view. If you can, always allow others to have their perspectives on life. If you can, accept their viewpoint as their viewpoint and not feel the need to challenge it or to make yours more important. Then what you are starting to do is to totally relax within, with no need to justify who you are and how you are.

When You Raise Your Vibration Others Feel It

There are those who are close to you where you need to have that level of intimate conversation, however. For as you change, as has already been said, your energy will influence those around you. Most people like you to be the person that they know. They do not like people, close friends, changing generally. Because if the change is a raise in your vibration, then the way that you interact with them will indeed change. When you raise your vibration, others will feel it, even if they do not feel it consciously. They will feel it. And if it is an unconscious sensation for them, they will react to it because you are not being the person that they want you to be. You are not being the person that they know.

As You Change, Your Environment Changes

And so we are saying this: simply be aware that as you change, your environment changes. Your environment can change in a very beautiful way. It depends on how you perceive that which is around you. That is why we are saying, be compassionate, be accepting of others. Because with that accepting energy, that higher vibration of inclusivity will allow beautiful energetics to continue to flow into your life. It will allow abundance to flow into your life. And again, when we talk of abundance, we are not talking about just finances. But of course, we include that too.

Understand that you can change the whole of your environment with the energies that have been brought to you these days. Understand that you do not have to know how to change your environment. Simply be aware of the vibration that you are emanating, your feelings, your thoughts, your expressions. Watch yourself.

- Alcazar, Torrent of Light, Day 2 – Session 3

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