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All Stargates together create a Stargate Grid

In order to make the Stargate energies more available,

Alcazar asked us to make some smaller versions that people could use in their homes or in their practices.


Every Stargate is both a receiver and a transmitter

So, for example, when we are using the large Stargate in a group situation, it is transmitting similar energies out into what Alcazar describes as The Stargate Grid.


And so all the Stargates around the world resonate with these energies

and gently radiate the same field into the space around them. In this way, more and more of the planet is touched by these frequencies.

Many ways of working with your Stargate

The first thing to be aware of is that each Stargate has its own consciousness

When we select a Stargate for you we ask and feel which one wants to come to you. The first thing to do is to actually connect with that consciousness. The Stargates are activated by intention, which does not require intense effort, simply focused attention and intention. No Stargate experience is ever the same. And every individual works in their own unique way. 


For most people it takes awhile to tune in, align and acclimatize with their Stargate

Many people like to sleep with the Stargate near their heads – others like to lie down and place it on their body, or hang it and sit beneath it. Experiment with ways that work best for you.

If you are using this as part of your healing practice, there are also many possibilities 

We suggest that before working with a client you take a moment to connect with the Stargate and to set your intention for the session.


Then, simply having it in the room, it will create an energy field through which benevolent beings can operate

For example, massage therapists often place the Stargate beneath the table. Bodyworkers often place the Stargate underneath areas of discomfort as they work on the body. Doctors and dentists often have them in their surgery or waiting room to create an energy of calmness and comfort.

The energies that different Stargates bring

The Bronze Stargates

have a grounding (earth-connecting) effect, so we recommend these to people who need extra assistance in staying present. They are made from pure bronze


The Gold Stargates

have a strong heart/love energy. They are made of a bronze base, layered with copper, nickel, and finished with a layer of 24 karat gold


The Silver Stargates

have more mental clarity energy. They are made from bronze with a covering of sterling silver.

Which Stargate to choose

They all connect up to the other dimensional realities in the same way. The energy fields are created by the various sacred geometries within the structure, so the size of the Stargate is not so important. Which size you choose is just personal preference.

Pricing of the Stargates


Below you can see the prices for different sizes and materials of the Stargates.

When you decide which Stargate you would like to purchase, please email us at [email protected] with your address and phone number.
We will then send you details of how to transfer the payment.

Moving Sale!


The Stargate home is moving, so we are having a sale on all sizes of the Stargates!


You can receive a 10% discount up until the 1st of April!

The payment must be received by then.
For those on a payment plan, the first payment must be made by the 1st of April. 
There will be no further Stargate sales after this date until August 2024.

Large, Medium and Small Stargates

Large: 15 inches / 38 cm high 

GOLD: $1,800
BRONZE: $1,225


Medium: 10 inches / 25 cm high

GOLD: $1,350
BRONZE: $920


Small: 6 inches / 15cm high

GOLD: $880
BRONZE: $615

Tiny and Micro Stargates

Tiny: 1.5 inches / 3.8 cm high

GOLD: $380  - OUT OF STOCK    


Micro: 0.75 inches / 2 cm high