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Alcazar on The US Elections

Lee Carrol invited Prageet with Alcazar to join an online event titled, "The New Normal" and...

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Alcazar's Suggestions on Working with Your Guides - Part II


Ask Your Guides – Part II 

We are not allowed to simply guess what it is you wish for....

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Alcazar's Suggestions on Working with Your Guides - Part I

Your guides are here to protect you. And they are also here to act as a bridge or a medium to...

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Alcazar on Time Management

For those of you who experience not being able to complete things quickly or efficiently, or if...

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Alcazar's Prescription for Maintaining a High Vibration

Move the body. Even if you are limited to being at home, move your body. Find...

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Symphonia – “We Love You”

Symphonia made a surprise appearance in Slovenia at the 2019, Blueprint for a New Humanity...

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Courageous Enough to Say “Yes” to Spirit?

Consciously Creating Balance

“It is important for you all to understand that you, just...

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Relaxing and Allowing Change

 “Beloved ones, are you ready to transform your life? Are you ready to make this step...

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The Mysteries of Time

Beloved ones, we greet thee, tis Alcazar. And we would like to reflect for a few moments on that...

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What Is Occuring in Your World Right Now

It’s interesting, is it not, what is occurring in your world right now. We are overjoyed...

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