A Torrent of Light

A Celestial Collaboration

2-Day Livestream Experience

with The Stargate Experience & Asil Toksal


Original Air Date: August 2020

"It is with great joy to bring these two rivers of energy together to create a grand torrent of consciousness to humanity"  - Alcazar



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Because we work within the Quantum Field, the replays of this special event are equally as powerful as the live experience! We hope that you will find these transmissions as a transformative agent for your lives. 

See What Alcazar & The Elohim Say About The Potentials of This Event...

"There is great excitement and expectation for the potentials that you hold, with all of you combining your energetics, your intention and your availability, so that we can bring through each and every one of you energy, gifts to humanity. For Indeed, as you see, it is desperately needed in these times. The more that humanity can awaken, the less painful experiences they will have to go through. Difficult times are indeed on your horizon. This is why we are all coming together. This is why many, many around your world are also focusing on elevating consciousness here. In the other realms, we are working together, as you are working together here." - Alcazar


"Those that receive, those that hold and transmit the frequencies delivered, the transmissions delivered, will be the ones to support all of humanity, the collective. And so this collaboration becomes an essential aspect of the accelerated support of humanity's evolution of consciousness. May you all receive this word in its purest intent, and it's purest love so that you, your life, your relationships, and all that you stand for may be elevated in the best possible way. Thank you for receiving." - The Elohim

A Torrent of Light: A Celestial Collaboration 

It is our intention to share this wisdom with the world. In order to make these experiences more accessible to those countries and individuals who are financially challenged at the moment, we are creating an inexpensive option to purchase this program. Please take a moment to tune in and see the level at which you would like to support The Stargate & Asil's work!


One Time Payment

  • Access to all sessions within the 2-day livestream event
  • Lifetime access to the replay videos 
  • Mp3 audio downloads of each full session and every meditation!
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One Time Payment

  • Access to all sessions within the 2-day livestream event
  • Lifetime access to the replay videos 
  • Mp3 audio downloads of each full session and every meditation!
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One Time Payment

  • Access to all sessions within the 2-day livestream event
  • Lifetime access to the replay videos 
  • Mp3 audio downloads of each full session and every meditation!
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About Asil Toksal

Asil Toksal is an Austrian-born channel. His work includes group energy alignment sessions and the channeling of celestial guides, as well as working on the energetic alignment of sacred sites around the world. The goal of this work is to assist in the evolution of consciousness in humanity. He has traveled widely to do this work, throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

For the past eighteen years, Asil has been deeply committed to a spiritual path while also training in a variety of different energy healing modalities. He has worked with many masters and lineage holders of various traditions in South America, North America, and China. In his earlier years he also served as a CEO and corporate executive in software, marketing, and communications.

Five years ago, during a moment of deep spiritual experience, Asil connected for the first time to the channeled angelic guides and energies that he works with today. He was offered the opportunity to work closely with these guides, but he was asked to make the choice to let go of the prior traditions, rituals, and healing methods he had learned.

After making this choice, the guides assisted him through an intensive spiritual and energetic transformation process. This created a connection that allowed him to begin to receive and transmit energy, as well as spoken wisdom from these angelic and celestial realms. This connection forms the basis of his work.

He lives in Marin County, Northern California.

In 2019, to support his work, he created the not-for-profit 501c3, Ascension One Collective, Inc.

To learn more about Asil and his work, as well as find and up-to-date schedule of events, videos, transcripts and more, please visit:




About The Stargate Experience

The Stargate is an interdimensional doorway, entrusted to and created by Prageet in 1989.

It is a conscious geometric form containing several layers of sacred geometry, which creates a strong, multi-dimensional energy field. This benevolent energy field works in a very unique way. Each individual in the Stargate's presence is recognized and assisted in the most appropriate way for them in the moment.

 This can include healing and balance for the physical body; clarity of understanding and major insight for the mental body; and deep relaxation and stress removal for the feeling (emotional) body. Personal karma can be removed, psychic and healing abilities can be activated, and past life recall can be triggered.

Many people experience their guides in a very tangible way, often for the first time, feeling, hearing or seeing them. What is amazing for most participants is that these changes can occur simply by being in the Stargate's energy field.

There is nothing to 'do'. All these changes come about during guided meditations by the raising of the individual's vibrational frequency. Dormant parts of the multi-dimensional DNA strands are stimulated into awakening, resulting in greater awareness and a growing spiritual presence within the Self.

Prageet is an English, internationally known channel who has assisted people with spiritual growth for thirty years. With his guide, Alcazar, Prageet designed and built the Stargate, which assists groups and individuals in the process of understanding and knowing Self – the process of awakening. His whole life has been dedicated to understanding how we as humans operate, how the unconscious mind and the emotions influence us, and how to move easily out of those patterns that we feel are limiting us.

Julieanne joined The Stargate Experience in 2012 after discovering a profound connection to the Stargate & the guide Alcazar, whom she also channels. Originally intending to study alternative medicine, Julieanne is now dedicated to the pursuit of personal transformation and rapid self-healing through the high-vibrational frequencies of The Stargate Experience. With the guidance of Alcazar, Julieanne has developed a new form of energetic self-healing known as The Essence of Life, which she now teaches to others around the world.



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