The Significance of This Time

channelings Apr 08, 2020

 A Note From Prageet & Julieanne:

This channeling is one of the most powerful Alcazar has shared with us.

It is very timely, and refers to the potential that the global shutdown is creating, and the importance of coming together to permanently raise our individual vibrations and to plant seeds of a very new reality that we all wish to create in our world.

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Beloved ones, we greet thee, tis Alcazar. And we ask you in this moment of hearing these words to pause for a moment. Stop what you are doing and give us your full attention for a few moments. We ask you for this full attention for the simple reason that what is occurring here on your earth is the greatest opportunity for humankind that has ever existed on your planet, with your civilizations, right now.

 As we have said before, this is a moment of stopping and re-aligning, resetting. And so we wish to give you our perspective. You have an opportunity now to create new societies, new opportunities, new realities, bringing in more love, compassion, equality. All those things that you have from your inner beingness yearned for. So, again, we invite you to give us your full attention for this short message.

Beloved ones, you have never lived in a true democracy.

 We understand that this will be hard for some of you to accept. If you look at what has been happening over the last year in your world, you have seen this so-called democracy breaking down. You have seen the corruption. You have seen the manipulation of your multinational corporations. This is not a political comment. We are not saying anything that you cannot see in your world, if you look.

There is right now an opportunity to change the way your world works, not with demonstrations, but by raising your vibration, by bringing more love into your existence. It is time for all of you who are hearing these words to raise your vibration. You may not understand this, but we invite you to be open to the possibility. For in fact, as you all become more conscious, more aware, as you hold the intention to create a different reality, you will create it. For there are so many millions of you in this timeframe desiring something new.

There is a strong pull for the security, or we should say the seeming security, of the old. We say to you, you have a choice. You can call for the old to come back. Or you can raise your vibration and project into your future a society where the politicians speak their truth. Where the politicians represent the people.

Let us say this, beloved ones. Your world, as you know. Is suffering. Your earth is suffering. But let us tell you this. Already, right now, all the solutions to your earthly problems are available. It is not that they are not there. You already have the ability to create free energy, as it is called, right now. There are dozens of devices functioning right now. There are technologies available to bring you back into perfect health, right now. It is up to humanity as a whole to allow that which is available to come to you.

So what is needed? Higher consciousness. Selflessness.

Beloveds, it is time for you to envision this in your daily life, in your meditations. You have but a few months to secure a new reality. What is it that you are going to create? You as individuals can affect the outcome. The Stargate is here to assist you in raising your vibration. We are not here to tell you what to do or how to be. We are here just to make you aware of a few basic realities. The old control mechanisms are wanting to go back to the old. Humanity is awakening and would like to create the new, but does not know how. So many are trying to use the old ways to create the new. You cannot. You can only repeat, make a little tweak here and there to the old. Beloveds, raise your vibration. Take a look at your own fears and recognize that you do not have to live in fear. Bring love, compassion to yourself and to all those in your world around you. We can guarantee, that if enough of you do this, new technologies will become available.

 Can you commit yourself to this? It requires you raising your vibration, not just in a meditation, but permanently, which means intention is required; coming together with like-minded people; discussing the new; allowing your guidance from your super-consciousness to come to you. In that way, new realities can be discovered. You are here at this critical time to bring your energy to this amazing opportunity. You can create systems on your earth in a few short years that can transform the way you live, that can transform this very earth, to repopulate the plants, the animals.

Beloved ones, this has never occurred before. Use this opportunity. The answers to all humanity's difficulties and problems are already here. You just have to listen to those that actually know, to those who actually have the heart to share with humanity without manipulation. It is simple. It is easy. This is not a political situation. This is a spiritual situation, a spiritual opportunity. It is a time to bring spirit into your daily lives, into the way you organize your societies.

Beloved ones, we are here. There is so much in your universe, so many waiting for humanity to arise in consciousness, to take your place in the universe. You are not alone here. There are so many enlightened communities living around your universe.

 Are you ready? Are you ready to live in a greater reality?

 It is your choice. Individually, it is your choice. You cannot wait for others to do this for you. Are you ready to love yourself enough to envision a new reality? You do not have to know exactly what it is going to look like in all the little details. No. Visualize what it will feel like. Project that feeling into this new reality. You have but a few months. Are [42.8s] you willing to commit yourself to creating the new? We are saying, again, we are not telling you what to create. We are saying we can support you on how to create. What you create is up to you. You can indeed go back to the old. We are hoping, the universe is hoping, spirit is hoping that you will take this opportunity. And in a year or two from now, you can look back and say, "This illusion of the virus was the greatest gift given to humanity."

 Beloved ones, we love you. We honor each and every one of you. We are here, always. And we will talk to again. Very soon. Thank you for listening. Thank you for taking these words and energies into your heart and to consider that we have shared with you out of the deepest love for humanity. We are Alcazar. We are the universe. Talking to humanity. It is time. Decide. Create.  – Alcazar, April 6, 2020, Mt. Shasta – Prageet Harris

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