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Love - Compassion - Equality

This is an opportunity to join with thousands from around the world to consciously assist in the creation of a new reality for the Earth.
Energy meditations guided by Alcazar to uplift and assist each one of us re-aligning to our individual and global potentials.
Powered by the Stargate, a sacred geometrical structure with  the ability to create a conscious, powerful energetic. An energetic that can take you into deep meditation and multi-dimensional experiences effortlessly within moments.
The intention of this online gathering is to support each of us to raise - and maintain - our vibration at a high level in order to envision and create a new reality.


"There is right now an opportunity to change the way your world works, not with demonstrations, but by raising your vibration, by bringing more love into your existence." - Alcazar

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 Original Air Date: April 30th - May 3rd, 2020

The Stargate is a sacred geometric structure, gifted to humanity to assist in the changes that are needed right now. This is a galactic technology that effortlessly raises your vibration and takes you into deep meditation within moments.  Because it operates in the Quantum Field, you can experience the Stargate energies now! Simply "press play" on one of the meditations below...


Relax • close your eyes • and allow the words to guide you into an expanded state of Being


Stargate Energy Meditation - The Stargate Energizes 'The Blueprint For A New Humanity'

Stargate Energy Meditation - Planting Seeds For A New Reality

This online event has been simultaneously translated into 10 languages!

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The Significance of This Time

This channeling is one of the most powerful Alcazar has shared with us.

It is very timely, and refers to the potential that the global shutdown is creating, and the importance of coming together to permanently raise our individual vibrations and to plant seeds of a very new reality that we all wish to create in our world.

We are already building energy on a daily basis, creating a stronger and stronger field that will be amplified much further during a 4-day free livestream event.

To Those Who've Registered for the Stargate's 2020 Global Gathering...

When we had to postpone the in-person global Stargate gathering in Slovenia, we all felt somehow that the energetic impact that this event would have created still needed to happen on the same dates...

With Alcazar's message we realized how important it is to gather the Stargate community and all our friends to create an energetic wave which can seed energies of a new reality around the planet.

You're invited to sign up for this epic journey to permanently raise your energetic and to contribute your presence so that thousands of us can really impact the morphic field of humanity.

We are still looking forward to many of you joining us in-person and on the livestream as soon as we reschedule the global Stargate gathering that was originally happening in Slovenia. 
This free Emergence livestream is a gift to everyone, and a thank you for your continued support of The Stargate Experience!

"You have an opportunity now to create new societies,
new opportunities, new realities, bringing in more love, compassion, equality."

- Alcazar


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