The Acceleration of Humanity & Earth

#beginner's guide to interdimentionalbilocation talk Jan 06, 2023


The acceleration which has been happening on the planet over the last several years is an acceleration in awakening and there's also an acceleration of going into deep unconsciousness. How the energy of acceleration affects you depends on where you put your focus. Some people have been going down and down into lower vibration, sickness, ill health, repression, control. Others have been rising into awakening. The energetic of acceleration is neutral. It's there for all of us, and we can use it in whatever way we choose to put our focus and our focus can change from moment to moment also.


Aware of the Acceleration

So it's just being aware that when we are feeling negative, judgmental, not good enough, all those things, those will be emphasized with this energetic that we're in. Alcazar told us about this many years ago, he said that not only is your Earth revolving around the sun, the Milky Way's revolving around in the galaxy and in the universe. And because of this movement, the Earth has moved into a different area of space which energetically is this amplification. So we're in it, whether we like it or not. But if we know about it, then we can be more conscious about where we put our energy. And if we start to put our energy into living our truth and speaking of truth, then the acceleration will happen in a very beautiful way. And we all have these limiting, subconscious programs. When they come up, they do drag us back down until we choose to acknowledge them and do whatever we need to do in order to release them.

- Prageet - Mt Shasta, Thanksgiving 2022

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