Symphonia – “We Love You”

channelings Sep 14, 2020

Symphonia made a surprise appearance in Slovenia at the 2019, Blueprint for a New Humanity experience and created a stir of laughter and joy. She showed up again during the Emergence livestream in May 2020, after a powerful mediation which radiated energy of hope around the globe. This is day 4 during the final session. Emergence is a free Stargate Experience and you can participate and add your energy to the experience by signing up at the link.

Julianne: When Symphonia first came through, there was this totally, stunningly beautiful vibration that she brought. And she described the Mer-people civilization as being like living in this total harmony with each other, this kind of oneness. And so maybe she will come in today. But we found out later from our friend in Greece that the word Symphonia means harmony in Greek. 

Prageet: And she was really hilarious in a lot of different ways. But one of the ways that I remember which made me laugh so much that I actually disconnected with her for a moment because she, Symphonia, for those of you that don't know is an aspect of my higher self, as is the Commander who's been guiding some of the parts of the meditation. But the part that's coming to mind right now was Symphonia was laughing about us. And she said, when you go into the water, we just laugh at you so much, because your legs are going like this. (She made up and down gestures with her hands.) And you don't move. And for me that was just so funny because, I know what that feels like, swimming in the ocean and going really hard and hardly moving at all. 

Julianne: And so, for those of you who may be more new to the Stargate Experience, this might sound kind of weird to you, that we're talking about mermaids right now and that mermaids are joking with us and telling us we're bad swimmers. People are also asking for the dragons. So in this next meditation, there's a high potential we will be joined by some of these other realms.  

Symphonia: And why do I have to wait for the meditation? Hello, I am Symphonia. Yeah, and I just want to come because you are talking about me. I love you. And whoa, did we feel you! It was amazing! We could feel the waves of energy going out around your beautiful Earth. [In the session of the livestream  just before, Alcazar and the guides guided the group in building a powerful energy field to send "a wave of intention and creativity around the world to bring an energy of hope."] And we could feel the waves of energy flow through our communities and we are so in love with you. We are so proud of you for working together, because we have observed with humanity that it is so hard for you to work together in such large groups of people. And so, this was very special, very beautiful. Hmmm.  

Julieanne: "Hi Symphonia, someone is saying in their dream, they could swim under the sea and breathe underwater." 

Symphonia: Beloved ones, as you connect to our realm, it is indeed possible for you to come and join us. Your minds are very limited, you can join us. Hmm. This one Prageet calls it out of body experiences. And it still feels as if you're in a body, but you are not in the physical. So, you are invited to join us, you're invited to see some of our communities. So, in order to do this, you have to be able to consciously move out of your body, which some of you can already do. And in your sleep state, many of you do this already, but you do not realize or you do not remember what is occurring, Since Symphonia came and said hello, quite a lot of people have come and visited us.  

So, we invite you. We invite you to hold the intention and you never know. Maybe you will reach that place of vibrating in a way that you can indeed harmonize with us and our reality and you can feel us in our dimension. Hmm. That would be very nice. So, at this time, we are going to depart. And let you know that the waves of energy  which you have created were felt not just in your third dimension reality, but it was felt in many other realms as well. And we love you.  

Bye bye for now. Bye bye, good bye. (to Julieanne) We love you, too. You are very beautiful.  

Julieanne: Thank you.  

Symphonia: Okay, we are going now. It is very nice, because whenever we say we are going, so many of you say, "No, don't go!" We feel it, you like us to be with you. And then usually what happens is that Alcazar comes along and says, time to go, we have other things to do. Hmm. So we are going to go now. OK. Bye bye, we love you.  

From Emergence, 2020

This powerful livestream called, Emergence, spanned 4-days and expanded on the Blueprint for a New Humanity. It's free and you can add you participate and add your energy to the experience by signing up at the link.

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