Our Definition of Abundance on All Levels

#beginner's guide to interdimentionalbilocation #channeling Jan 16, 2023


For us, abundance on all levels means abundance of love, abundance of friendship, community. Abundance of support in times of need. Abundance of freedom. And yes, abundance of money. Abundance of health and vitality, and so on. The first thing to deeply understand is that you are not a victim of circumstance. You are not a victim of the influence of others. You are a powerful creator in your own right. And so it is important to understand and claim this. It is so easy to blame others for your victimhood, for your lack, for your ill health and so on. Whilst you do this in any area of your life, you cannot draw into your life the abundance on all levels. Everything is connected. And everything is connected through you. Another important thing to understand. Is that there is no lack of anything. Because you are creators you can create everything, unless you believe in lack, unless you believe there is not enough to go around. If you believe it, you create it.


Are You Ready to See?

If you believe that your body has a sickness, an imbalance, you maintain it. If you believe that you are youthing it, it will start to happen. And so, it is important for each one of you to truly understand what you believe, what you accept that parents, societies, religions, etc. [have instilled in you]. Do you accept blindly or unconsciously those limitations that have been placed upon you? Or are you ready to see? You have the potential for creating abundance. It is always a challenge to let go of the belief systems that you have carried for most of your life. And when your society together holds a particular belief, then the society creates that which they believe. And so, it is a challenge for you to say, "No, that is not my reality." Because society's reality is demonstrated all around you. But you are always the one that is creating your reality, whether you do it unconsciously or with more and more awareness.


The Beginner's Guide to Interdimensional Bilocation

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