A Practice of Deep Gratitude

channelings gratitude Dec 29, 2020

One of the things that we've talked about already, which I want to emphasize again, is the energy of deep gratitude. And I'm going to ask each one of you to observe Alcazar’s practice of deep gratitude. What he suggested is in the morning as you wake up, spend a few minutes practicing gratitude. So, what I'm going to suggest is make a list of maybe ten different things that you're grateful for like -- people in your life, your body. Be grateful to your body. So, in the morning, just take a moment. Go over that list. Have it by your bed until you remember each item. Focus on each one without being in a rush and focus on your heart center and feel the gratitude for that person, for that situation, for that thing in your life. 

 Whatever it is, feel it and see if you can make that feeling, stronger and deeper. The reason for that is that by doing it every day, you start to create [the message] in the subconscious, “I want to be in gratitude.” And science has demonstrated, if you repeat again and again with intention, it will start to create that subconscious program. 

So, every morning and if you really want to move into this deeply, do it in the evening before you go to bed also or when you're in bed before you go to sleep. Feel deep gratitude, because what will start to happen is that as you're going about your daily experience, suddenly gratitude is there, this feeling of gratitude. You just look at a flower and then suddenly feel, “Wow, that is so beautiful. And I just feel this warmth, this energy in my heart.” And so deep gratitude is one thing that we're going to be asking you to repeat every single day. 

 So, what's the other element of deep gratitude? It's a high vibration. And Alcazar has said that our vibration creates the energies that emanate from us moment by moment. Our creative energies, our thoughts and our feelings, our words and our actions are all vibrations. Those vibrations move out into the Quantum Field and the Quantum Field reflects back to us how we are vibrating. So we create a reflection from the Quantum Field and the Quantum Field is showing us through experiences of things that happen in our lives and reflect back to us how we are being. 

So, as we start to radiate deep gratitude, things start coming into our lives to feel gratitude for. And also, Alcazar has said, when you can reach that place of deep gratitude, deep gratitude allows your Superconsciousness to add an influence into what you're creating. So, you start to create beautiful experiences in your life. - Prageet, Going Quantum, Session 2, June 2020 

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