Uplifting Your Reality


A Four Week Series

of Almost Daily Livestreams


June 14th - July 12th, 2020

Starting at 9am Pacific Time 

Support For You On Your Journey

Thousands of people around the world have been experiencing Prageet’s morning webinars these past few months, and we’ve noticed that people are really beginning to move more deeply into the Quantum Field...
In order to dive even more deeply into experiencing the Quantum Field and how it affects our physical reality, we’ve decided to create a near daily program to support you in accelerating your journey into higher consciousness. 
In these livestreams, we'll be sharing Alcazar’s wisdom on various topics as well as quantum energy meditations. You will also receive lifetime access to the whole library of video and audio recordings of this series.
We invite you to join us live and be part of this movement into the Quantum!

“It is time for humanity to understand far more deeply what we would call the 'physics' of the Quantum Field.”  

- Alcazar, The Stargate's Guide  

Join Us In A Deeper Exploration of The Many Facets

of The Stargate Work!


Throughout this four week series, we'll be exploring topics such as:


Rejuvenate the body on a cellular level. Specific meditations designed to assist in the reversal of aging, boosting energy levels, and restore balance throughout the body. 

Your Superconscious -The Real you!

 Connect with the vastness of your True Self; discover how to enhance your humanness by connecting more fully to your superconsciousness.

The Star Family Connection

You have come from the stars, arriving here millennia ago... Now discover new ways to feel and connect with your 'Star Family'.

The Inner Child

 Most of your behavior patterns are learned in the womb and first few years of your life. It is time to be free of the unconscious limitations you've inherited from your parents and your society!

Other Dimensional Realms

Discover your connection to the many realms within our Universe; the dragons, the unicorns, the merpeople, and more!

The Stargate Global Community Morphic Field

Alcazar recently introduced this quantum energy field to energize and support us through these challenging times. We will be accessing it as a resource for our daily upliftment.


Multi-Dimensional DNA

We will be focusing on activating more of your multi-dimensional DNA, which will allow your innate, multi-dimensional gifts to come into your life experience.

Discover more of who you are!

The Blueprint For A New Humanity

We will be re-visiting the 'Blueprint,'  strengthening and enhancing it, drawing it's gifts closer to our daily experience.

Going Quantum: Uplifting Your Reality

A four week series of almost daily livestreams

June 14th - July 12th, 2020

It is our intention to share this wisdom with the world. In order to make these experiences more accessible to those countries and individuals who are financially challenged at the moment, we are creating an inexpensive option to purchase this program. Please take a moment to tune in and see the level at which you would like to support the Stargate work!


One Time Payment

  • Access to all Crowdcast livestreams
  • Each session's video replay
  • Audio mp3 sets
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One Time Payment

  • Access to all Crowdcast livestreams
  • Each session's video replay
  • Audio mp3 sets
Register Here!


One Time Payment

  • Access to all Crowdcast livestreams
  • Each session's video replay
  • Audio mp3 sets
Register Here!

“As you raise your vibration, you make it easier for those around you. As you raise your vibration, the morphic field of humanity is gently raised.”

- Alcazar