Q&A with Alcazar: Do We Have to Protect Ourselves?

#renewal channeling q&a Nov 21, 2022

You said that when we're in the Field and somebody opens their eyes, it shifts everything - like a distraction and the energy drops. So, if somebody starts a fight over there, do we have to protect ourselves to keep this higher level of frequency? If we go into a city where there's a lot of stuff going on, do we have to protect ourselves to keep in this higher frequency?

 Jules: It's a great question. 

 Prageet:  So, this is something that Alcazar likes to talk about a lot. As soon as you think you have to protect yourself from something, you are focusing on that. When you focus on something, you draw it into your life. It's important to really, really understand that you create everything that happens in your life by your vibration. You either create it consciously or you allow it to come in unconsciously. If you think you have to protect yourself, then you are already focusing on that negative thing that you think you have to protect yourself from. 

 Jules:  What we're actually saying is every single one of us is contributing to the energy fields that we're creating. So our energy field is drawing in these frequencies as we experience. We're not just having a nice experience, we're actually emanating. That's what we're actually saying. So if you take that in and you really understand it, it's because we're all in this field together; there's an impact when that person opens their eyes. But if there's someone fighting over there and you start to focus on it, you're actually starting to draw that into your field versus staying in that connection that you have. You feel the difference. And that's really the difference of how Alcazar talks about not needing to protect yourself because we're super powerful. All we really need to do is, stay in our own light. 

Alcazar And so, Beloved, let us say a few things about this. First of all, relax. Because the minds [of those listening] are saying, "Oh, there are so many terrible things out there". There are many people all over Europe feeling afraid because there is fighting occurring in your Ukraine. What happens if it comes close to us and they are all worried and what are they doing? They are creating an energy which draws that towards them. They may not draw that fighting, but the fear of fighting may draw towards them as they are walking along the street. Some rough guys may come into their lives, threatening them. Beloveds, stop focusing on the negative. This is how you are being controlled by your television, your newspapers. You are being kept in a low frequency of fear and judgment by your media.

In this we also include all the so-called information and so-called news that you read on your little devices. Every time you focus on negative events, you are lowering your vibration simply by thinking about them. You are conditioned by these different forms of the media. Remember, we talk about the morphic field of humanity. You are all connected. There have been several scientific experiments which measure the morphic field of humanity. You may have heard about them. For example, perhaps some of the more famous incidents that occurred. Where there was a measurable shift in the morphic field. When the planes crashed into the towers in New York, there was a shift in the morphic field. When this, Princess Diana died, was actually killed, but when that occurred, a big shift in the morphic field [occurred].

You are all connected. The more people that focus on the news media, the lower the frequency of the human morphic field. The more you separate yourself from that - consciously separating yourself from that - your energy remains higher. When you get into talking politics, arguing, "Ah, my party is right and yours is wrong." Your vibration not only goes down, it plummets. It drops. When you say, "My religion is better than yours," the same thing happens. Remember, it is about bringing in Oneness, not separation.

The situation in your world over the last few years has demonstrated the separation and how external situations create antagonism between friends, between family members arguing, "Oh, this is right, no, no, you have to do this. No, you have to do this." That is duality. Follow your own feelings. You do not have to argue with someone else who feels differently. So Beloveds, there is nothing to protect yourself from. Even if you're in an airplane and it crashes, there are people who somehow survive. Why? Because they are not in fear in those moments. In a situation that happened a few years ago, there was a big fire which burned down hundreds of houses. In the middle of all this devastation, there is one house untouched. It was a yoga studio guided by a very beautiful person who was not in fear. So, nothing to protect. We thank you for your question.  

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