The Void Reflects Back to You What You Are Thinking

The Void Reflects Back to You What You Are Thinking

You are working against the whole of the conditioning of humanity. You have been conditioned to believe that this physical reality is actually physical, is solid. You have been led to believe that you are victims of circumstance. You are changing this slowly. You are the creator of your reality, but that is very difficult for most people to accept. We have explained in different ways that the vibration that you radiate moment by moment affects the Quantum Field, the void. And the Quantum Field or the void reflects back to you what you are thinking and feeling, your vibration, which is a combination of all that you do, all that you speak, all that you think, all that you feel. This vibration is what goes into the void, and the void responds by adjusting your reality either in the moment or in moments to come depending on the situation, depending on the strength of your vibration, depending on the clarity of your vibration.

Quite often you create confusion in your vibration. You say one thing, but you are thinking and feeling something else. This, too, is part of society's conditioning. You are told to be good. You are told not to upset anyone. You are told to be polite. And so this has to change, because you confuse your energetic if you are saying one thing and thinking something else, or if you are doing an action, but inside you don't want to do that action. You create a confused energy which goes into the quantum field. This confused energy creates more confusion around you.


Within the Void - In the Heart of Creation

Oct. 2022 - Livestream - Day 4

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