Your Humaness Is a Wonder

Your Humaness Is a Wonder

Your humanness itself is a wonder. You are designed inherently to have access to the many realms and dimensions of what you call the beyond. All these realms and dimensions are held, fueled, created by the energy, the information of the void of pure potential. All of the information in all of these realms is fed directly, continuously updated within the void. And your humanness is inherently built to access these systems.You are a wonder. You have been tuned to a very limited bandwidth, frequency range of this third dimensional reality. You have all but forgotten these faculties, and we would suggest that this is why you are drawn to the Stargate experience. It is because the felt sense of these access points opening within you connects you to the marvel of who you truly are. How you are truly built to function.

It is as if there are portals latent within your energy field, that as they open, reconnect you to higher consciousness, this field of consciousness that is your Superconscious self, this light of oneness from the beyond that is holographically projecting you here. As these portals within your awareness open, you start to become aware, not just of that which is being projected by your Superconscious self, but of the energy streams connecting back to the so-called projector, which is your higher self. We have said in the past that this reality of your earth in your third dimension is created and maintained by the collective of all of your higher selves projecting and holding you here.


Within the Void - In the Heart of Creation

Oct. 2022 - Livestream - Day 6

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