Your Body Can Realign Itself

#channeling maui retreat 2023 Apr 18, 2023


You have come from this place of believing in limitation, now we are asking you to let all of that go. All of it. You can be totally abundant on all levels and dimensions. Your body can vibrate in perfect health even if you are on death's door right now, so to speak. You can change that. But your medical and your belief systems have told you that, no, this illness is permanent. It's going to get worse; you're going to feel worse. Your energy is going to drop. That is all part of the old. In these energetics, with your intention to be free, with your intention to love the body, to honor the body, to listen to the messages of the body, with that intention the body can realign itself back into health and wellness.

Be More Aware

Your repressed thoughts, your unspoken words that needed to be spoken, the feelings which needed to be expressed that you have not expressed, all these things create imbalance in your energy field. And understand that if you hold an imbalance in your energy field for long enough, it will start to create a physical imbalance in the body. Your science is beginning to understand that in the leading-edge science. Unfortunately, in your world so much of the guiding energies wish to maintain this unconscious limitation. But Beloveds, there is so much information, true, helpful information available to you if you look for it, if you search it out, if you tune in. As you find this information, ask, "Is it relevant to me. Is this going to help my body realign?" It is time to be responsible for what you put into your body. Also, be more aware of how your body responds. Be more aware of the addictions that you might have.


Maui Stargate Retreat, Week 1, 2023

Day 3 - Session 1

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