You Volunteered to Be Here: Your Origins in the Universe

channelings origins Aug 30, 2021

Your Origins in the Evolving Universe

The universe is constantly evolving. This planet [earth] was created to bring beings from all the different existing realities into one place. If you can, imagine beings growing up in very different environments reaching the peak of understanding, the peak of intelligence in their own environment and all of these beings coming together here. That was the plan. This earth was created for beings from all these different realities who were selected to be here. You volunteered to be here. You were selected to bring the skills and abilities, and the experiences from your reality to this Earth. You put on this body suit so that you would all look very similar, and then you forgot where you came from.

This going into unconsciousness was so that you would forget, so that you would imagine that you are all basically the same. And so that you would interrelate and do all the things that you have done over the centuries. Then as you mixed and merged come conscious again. As you become conscious again, you connect more and more into a field of oneness with the rest of humanity. What you have done is combined the cream of the crop, so to speak, from every different dimensional and physical reality around your universe.

You have brought it all here, mixed it up, and you are creating something entirely new. From the best to the best. This is why we say to you, you are on the leading edge of creation. You have not fully awakened yet, but you are in this process. 

 – Alcazar

Stargate Workshop, 2013 

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