You Can Regenerate Your Body

You Can Regenerate the Body

Everything is, in a sense, automatically replacing itself. Every cell is automatically replacing itself. It does not need your conscious thought to do it. If you wish to replace unhealthy cells with healthy new ones, what is needed is for you to change the memory of that cell so it does not reproduce the unhealthy cell. When you change the memory, then it can be replaced with a healthy cell. Where does your cell get its memory from? As you know, we have said in the past many times that your thoughts and your feelings influence cells. The cells are in your energy field. So, when there is joy and celebration, then your cells respond to that. It brings health and wellness when there is anger, frustration, doubts, judgment. Your cells feel that and they contract with it. When you hold a particular limitation for a long time, it starts to affect the body with that which you call illness or disease and growing old.

Your belief systems create in the void an energetic. And so, when the cell is ready to create anew, it checks with the memory. In the void, if you change the frequency, the vibration in the void, then the unhealthy cell can be replaced by a healthy one. Hmm. So Beloved Ones, understand that you can indeed regenerate the body. In order to do this, in order to use the body or bring the body back to a more perfect health, you need to be aware of those subconscious programs which are creating in the void with your vibration. They are creating and maintaining these unhealthy cells. As you bring into your awareness these limiting programs and you decide you no longer need these and you do what is necessary to dissolve them, those lower frequencies or those limitations are no longer vibrating you. And then the cells, naturally move back into perfection because in the void, the base level of energy is perfection..


Within the Void - In the Heart of Creation

Oct. 2022 - Livestream - Day 5

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