Why We Chose Difficulties

channelings Feb 23, 2021

The Reason We Chose Difficulties  

Even those unpleasant experiences were there, for your understanding - to complete the old perhaps. There are many reasons why you have attracted limitations. Some of the reasons are very beautiful. Perhas you are already an old soul, a being who has been on the spiritual path for a long time, and you have grown a great deal over the lifetimes on your spiritual quest.

And so now you decide to come into this body, in this lifetime, and you decided before you came that you were going to give yourself perhaps a very severe limitation experience. Why? Because beloved, when you are born into a difficult situation or you choose to have a difficult situation happen in your life, you were aware before you came that this situation would shut you down, that this situation would cause all kinds of limitations. But you knew, because you were an advanced spiritual being, that you could live through these repressing limitations. You knew you would find the strength within to start to explore, to understand, and then to free yourself from those limitations.

But why would you do this? Because, beloved one, when you free yourself from a low frequency limitation you are creating in the field, in the morphic field of humanity. You are creating almost like a pathway for others to follow. So it becomes a little easier for others who have had similar difficult situations to become free of them. You may not even meet them. You may not even know them, but you have created that pathway in the morphic field of humanity to assist others. This is why some of you have had these difficult experiences in your life. You chose them as a service to humanity. You chose them as a service to raise the vibration of humanity, to assist in the evolution of this beautiful earth and all upon her. 

- Alcazar, Into the Futre with Prageet and Alcazar, Session 7, 2020

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