Why Do We Stop at the 12th Dimension?

channelings Mar 23, 2021


Question from Allan: When we activate our etheric Stargate, why do we stop at the 12th dimensional frequency?

Prageet: That's a good question. We pause at the seventh dimension also quite regularly. Usually when we begin a workshop, we go from the third-dimension, step by step through the dimensional levels. This way you start to sense a gentle raising of your vibration. We pause at the seventh dimension. There is a big enough vibrational difference between our normal, 3D reality and the seventh dimension so that most people start to feel the energetic difference. We pause in the seventh dimension to allow people to sense, “Oh, my energy is changing.” Then we move up to the 12th dimension. There's a much bigger energetic difference between our 3D reality and what we're calling the 12th dimension. In that 12th dimension, you become more sensitive to the other realms and dimensions. There are many other reasons which I don't need to go into right now, but Alcazar said, don't get caught up with the numbers. He said, in reality, vibrations just get higher and higher. There's no delineation between the different dimensions. He says it's a bit like a rainbow. If you look at a rainbow, the colors move from one to the next to the next, but there's no line in between. You can say, “Oh yes, this is green right now.” But on either side of the green, there are the other colors. They merge from one to the next to the next. But also, all these colors are part of the white light. So, all these colors are part of the oneness. Similarly, all the different dimensions are part of the oneness, of the different vibrations within the oneness.  

Some people say, “Oh, I'm channeling somebody from the fiftieth dimension or the 123rd dimension. Again, don't get caught up in the numbers. Don't think that because it's the 129th dimension that it's much better than the 12th or the fifteenth or whatever. Let go of the concept of numbers. Just feel the energy. Feel the information. Does it benefit you? Does it help you feel clearer? Does it raise your vibration? Those are the touchstones, so to speak. Those are the feelings - just to discern for yourself. Ask, “Is this useful for me or not?”  

 – Prageet

Becoming Superconscious, Day 7, Feb. 2021

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