What to Do When You Change and People Close to You Don't Like It? - Part 2

q&a talk Aug 11, 2021

Julieanne: When I first started working with the Stargate, my brother Andrew would get so pissed off at me when I talked about things like instant healing. He would say, that's just not part of what I've seen in reality, and therefore it's totally not OK. It was like he had these blinders on. I asked Alcazar what to do about this? And he said, "When you are talking to your brother, give him the most superficial answer you can think of." It worked well because, my brother would say, "So, what are you doing? Do you like meditation?" And I'd give him a simple answer and not push anything on him. He eventually came around. He even asked me to channel for him when he was having a hard time. I felt super nervous, because he's my brother and I've always looked up to him… When I did it, he said, “Wow, that was really helpful.” So, leave space open for your loved ones to come around [to the new you], because they might actually discover that they like the way that you're changing after all. 

- Julieanne Conard

Stargate Workshop, Dublin, 2017 

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