What to Do When You Change and People Close to You Don't Like It? - Part 1

Question from Shirra: When you step into this journey or the place of tapping into new dimensions of Superconsciousness, obviously your life changes. This is the challenge that I've experienced. It has an effect on the people around me. The people I love seem to be running in the opposite direction. Why do they do this? I didn't do anything to them. 

Prageet: OK, so this applies not just to the Stargate work, but to any of the modalities where people are becoming more awake, more conscious. Society programs us to fit into a kind of a semi-unconscious way of living, and that's where we were until we  started to wake up. We've all lived in that kind of conditioned, semi-consciousness. When you start to meditate or investigate beyond the norm, and you start to discover more about yourself, your vibration changes. But  people are used to you vibrating in the old way.  Your energy, your vibration is different. That makes them feel awkward, because now they don't know you anymore. You're not the person that they knew. You've changed.

If you're fortunate and those people close to you appreciate the change or are also looking to change in their life, then they will celebrate with you, and it will spur you on. Usually, however, the husband, the wife, the children, the parents don't like you changing because that becomes an irritant to them. Because, when somebody starts to become more conscious, it demonstrates to those around them that they are still in this unconscious conditioned state.  It's not necessarily a thought process that they go through, they just don't like it and they don't even know exactly what it is they don't like. And so, it can create a separation.

Sometimes as you continue to grow, that separation becomes permanent. Or sometimes you can find a way of explaining what's happening for you and encourage them to move on with you. But in this reality, everybody has their own choice. It's about following your own feeling and just loving and allowing others to be where they're at, whether they want to change or not. So it's difficult for people as they begin to wake up because it affects those around you and they don't always like it. 

- Prageet

Stargate Workshop, Dublin, 2017 

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