What Is Occurring On Your Earth Right Now Has Been Predicted for a Long Time

channelings Nov 03, 2021
Channeling from Alcazar - September Intensive, 2021
 What is occurring here on your earth has been predicted for a long time. How it happens here on your earth is up to you and the rest of humanity. As you can see looking at your world, there is a great conflict occurring. As we have said before, and many others have as well, it is the old control structure, a structure that has been in control for many hundreds, if not thousands of years. Have you ever thought, “Well, how come society became the way it is? How come we had kings and queens or others who put themselves in places of power?”
You have different systems in different countries. But there is a great similarity. So how did these kings of queens become kings and queens? You have to go back a long way. If you go back to the times when you were living in caves, who was in charge? The strongest one. The violent one who dominated the others. You see it in nature right now. And so, the strongest, the most aggressive control the others. And so slowly, slowly, these people felt more and more important. So, generation after, generation after generation, as they became more wealthy, those dominant ones controlled the others in the village or in the community, and forced them to pay what you now call taxes. The wealthy could remain wealthy and continue to control those underneath them, so to speak. So, your kings and queens are simply the relatives of those aggressive ones. If you look at your history, the kings and queens have been fighting among themselves forever. 
 You have been controlled for so long that you accepted this as the way. People love the kings and queens. They think they are wonderful, that they are part of their heritage. This is a belief held by so many which is part of the old control. And there is far more control happening than 99 percent of humanity recognize. Slowly, slowly, you start to see.  Slowly, slowly those who are controlling, control not only you, they control the corporations. They control the media. They control virtually everything in your life, including your money. People talk of "conspiracy theories," but, Beloveds, there is no theory to it. There are a number of different “conspiracies” occurring.
Massive Control, Yet Awakening Is Happening
So, what is happening from our perspective is that the old is struggling against a rise of consciousness, of awareness that has been happening more rapidly since your 1960’s. What happened in the 60’s? Music and drugs started to create the awakening. Communication around the world started to happen. Awakening started to happen. You were not isolated in a country anymore. Awakening is happening slowly. The control mechanisms are working harder [to maintain control]. And you know what is occurring around your world in a way that this never occurred before? Massive control. Yet, awakening is happening also.
The control will get harsher and harsher, seeking more and more aggressive ways of trying to hold on. And slowly, slowly, consciousness will prevail. It will take time. Many will leave the body. But they will come back. Understand the importance of what you are doing here. You are raising the vibration of the morphic field of humanity. And we will be doing much more of that as we move deeper and higher together. It is important for these questions to be asked and these understandings to be shared. Because that creates a level of freedom to ascend. Because with the new understanding there can be a greater perspective of what is occurring.
You are not victims here. You are the creators of the new.
You are not victims here. You are the creators of the new. Do not try and change your world; change yourself. If you wish to change your world, the fastest way is to change yourself. Look inside. Discover the old habits that are not your truth. [Find] the behaviors that you are having and expressing that are not your truth. Free yourself from them. In doing so, you're elevating humanity. Yes, it's just one of you and billions of other humans. But Beloveds, hundreds of thousands of people are meditating now. Hundreds of thousands of people are looking for a new way, and hundreds of thousands of unconscious people are reacting to the control []that is happening globally right now]. They, too, are working to change [in their own way]. It is beautiful from our perspective. And yes, as we said, many will leave the body through painful experiences, mainly because of what is occurring around your world right now. But that, too, is their choice. And they will be coming back, and when they come back, the vibration on the planet will be higher, giving them an opportunity to live a more elevated life.
Do not be worried about your Earth. She is fine. She is a playground to allow you to experience what you are experiencing. She is far more than you recognize. Many of you are concerned about so many things that are occurring which appear to be damaging the Earth. Many of your scientists are saying you are facing the next human extinction. We say to you, yes, those things are happening and they can be changed, the technologies to change all these things are already here!When you raise your vibration sufficiently, when there are enough of humans demanding a new reality, these technologies will be available and you will be amazed at how fast change can happen. Beloveds, you, each and every one of you, can hasten the day when things are obviously changing. And you can hasten it by changing your vibration and looking honestly at your own self and changing those things that make you feel uncomfortable about yourself. Things like your self judgment, your own worthiness and all those other things.
- Alcazar, Sept. Intensive 2021 - Share 

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