What Is Occuring in Your World Right Now

channelings Mar 23, 2020

It’s interesting, is it not, what is occurring in your world right now. We are overjoyed when we look at the Stargate community around the world – how most of you are responding to the fear and panic that is occurring in the mass population. The Stargate community is rising above the chaos and we honor you for this.

          We would simply like to say that many of you are experiencing feeling tired or a little bit cloudy in thought. Understand that what is occurring is because you are of a higher vibration. The very low frequency of fear and panic, of greed and separation, that is happening around your world – this energetic is so strong in the morphic field of humanity, that even though your vibration is happening at a higher level the influence of such an intense, low frequency is affecting you. This is why you are feeling tired, a little bit scattered maybe. Because it is pulling on your energy, but also there are those of you who are actually transmuting some of this heaviness, some of this extremely low vibration. So simply be aware of this. Nothing to do. Keep your energy high. Rest and celebrate. Celebrate the fact that you are changing reality of your own self, but also contributing to change the reality on your planet.

Change happens through chaos. You know this. Your science knows this. Appreciate this is one of those experiences that will create change. Notice the way that in certain areas of humanity, people are using this as an opportunity to raise their vibration. You have probably heard of people singing from their balconies. Yes! Beautiful! This is creating opportunity for people to come together in different ways. We urge those in the Stargate community to come together, to meditate as often as you can. Raise your vibration. Know that you are not alone. We are with you always.

- Alcazar, Mt. Shasta, March 16, 2020


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