Volunteering to Come to Earth

#channeling May 17, 2022

 You have lived elsewhere before you came to this Earth. Each and every one of you, without exception, has lived elsewhere before you came here. Humanity is very recent here in your universe. There are many, many very advanced civilizations around you in this, your universe. They have existed for millions or even billions of your Earth years. Their societies became enlightened, totally, a long, long time ago. They have evolved in their particular location. Can you imagine, how it must be after many million of years of evolution ? Then what do you do?

Volunteering to come to Earth

It was decided that volunteers from all these very advanced civilizations would all come together in one place. That place was this, your Earth. These volunteers came and all put on this body suit that you are wearing - because where you came from, you do not all have this physical form. So, you all came here, and you forgot your origins. That was part of the agreement. And you have been living and mixing and merging together for many generations. Now is the time when you are starting to remember [who you are]. Each and every one of you has indeed been enlightened in the past in your other realities. You have forgotten this. So, as you live together, all these beings from such vastly different environments, you have brought your skills and abilities. And you are about to create something that has never occurred in this whole universe - a combination of all the wisdom coming together in one place. This is what is occurring here on your Earth. You have been working at this for many lifetimes. For now is the time when you are beginning to open and understand.

Any Belief that Is a Limitation Can Dissolve

The letting go of the limitations that you have gathered in this lifetime are important: the belief systems that you have accepted as a small child, things that limit you things such as, "I am not very clever." "I do not deserve to receive things." "There is never enough money." , “I have to work hard in order to gain things”, “I am too short.” “I am too tall.” “I am too fat.” “I am too thin.” All of these judgments that you carry about yourself have to go. It is time to love self as you are because as you love self, you relax. As you relax, things start to open for you. As many of you know, in 2012, the energetics started to shift very strongly on this Earth. That shift is accelerating and we invite you to ride the wave of change. So it is about re-remembering, remembering once more what you already know. Yes, you are all masters, but you have forgotten.

 You Are Powerful Creators

So, you are living in the illusion of being limited, but because you believe the illusion, you make it real. That is why when you simply relax into these energies, it is possible for these beliefs that you hold to simply dissolve . Any belief that is a limitation can dissolve in these energies and then a whole new understanding of who you are and how you are can come about. This is why even physical change can happen in the body. If you have been holding a belief system about your body that has created disease, when that belief system dissolves, the disease disappears and the body can come back into perfect health within minutes or hours. There have been literally hundreds of people who have allowed dis-ease to leave their bodies just by being in this energy field. Cancer, blindness, deafness have all disappeared for various people. They did nothing except to relax and allow for the possibility. If you believe that healing has to take a long time, then it has to take a long time. If you can allow for the possibility that healing can happen very rapidly then it can. You are powerful creators and your beliefs and your emotions create your reality. It is up to you. How do you wish to continue to live this life?


Greece, Sonion, 2017 - Day 1, Share 1

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