Transforming Anger

Transforming Anger into Self-Love

Jules: (Responding to observations during Becoming Superconscious series.) A couple of  people mentioned going from being blissed to pissed in a very short amount of time. So, it's an interesting thing that seems to be happening for more than one person.  

Alcazar responds in the moment: Beloved Ones, we greet thee, tis Alcazar. And we invite you to celebrate your anger, because it is the old being triggered. We do not say find ways of making yourself angry. No, not at all. Celebrate the fact that the anger is coming to the surface to be understood and released. Anger is a very basic energy. It is a way of creating freedom for yourself. Let us say that, again. Anger coming to the surface is a way of creating freedom for yourself. Why? Because at some point in the past, usually in your childhood, there were situations that made you angry or fearful or afraid. And in that state, you could not deal with that emotion, you could not deal with that situation. It was pushed into the subconscious. And we have said in the past that for a small, small child, it is actually the Superconscious self that says to this little one, "You don't have the ability to deal with this; push it into the subconscious." 

Allowing Anger to Surface and Transform

And of course, it does not come in words like that, but energetically that is what is occurring. Your greater wisdom is saying you cannot remain in anger or fearfulness. Because if you did, all your awareness would be taken up by the anger. You would not be able to take care of your environment. And so, this is a programming that keeps you safe. But it has been there for you all your lifetimes. And now, now is the time to allow this anger to come to the surface, but not to blame another, not to blame the trigger, not to blame the situation. But to say, "I feel this anger right now." Anger is a strong energy. Take that energy and love yourself. Say, "I am angry, and I love myself for allowing this to surface. And in this freedom of expressing this anger, I choose to release the old. I choose to release the old.” And in this way, you're not blaming another. You are taking full responsibility for an old energy that will have come up again and again and again in your life.   

Set the Intention to Transform Anger into Self-Love

Beloved Ones, you can release this old anger as you go about your life from this point on. And having released the old anger, you will find that this energetic of anger does not come into your life very often. And when it does, it has a totally different frequency, a different vibration, because it is a response to the moment. It is not a reaction that you have lived again and again and again. Sowe say to you, when anger comes up, be aware. And say, "I love myself for allowing this old anger to come to the surface." And in that act of intentionally loving yourself because you have just opened the door to a level of freedom, allow yourself to love yourself for that. And as you bring love to your anger, as you use your intention to transform that energy into self-love, it becomes far easier to go back and discover the difficult situation that created this anger in the past. 

Healthy Releasing of the Emotional Charge of Anger 

 Beloved Ones, understand that your emotions, have functions, have messages for you and they also have a charge to them…. Your thoughts follow your state of being. And it is time for you to become hyper-dimensionally aware, meta-cognitively aware. This word means thinking about how you are thinking, feeling how you are being. When there is a charge, it is wishing to be dispersed, which is why we say to you, celebrate the anger. In the act of celebration, you are meeting the raw energy of that anger and the world of possibilities can open to you. You can release the anger through a dance. You can let it move through your physiology. You can take that energy and find I am going to go for a walk. So that is claiming responsibility for the charge itself. 


Becoming Superconscious, Day 53

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