The Power of Unicorns - with Unicorn Sounds and Music

channelings unicorns Oct 19, 2020

Understand that unicorns come from a magical place. It's a place that we all exist in. It’s a place of innocence of love and of connection to source, and it's a place of play. It’s the place of the divine child within each and every one. The unicorn sounds are able to reconnect us to the remembrance of that space, and truly they are within us, within every one of us. So whenever you need a boost, whenever you need to be lifted, open up and receive what is already within like a magical spring. Rainbows, snowflakes, crystals, all of these things carry a brightness that is real and takes you to a place that’s sacred.


And so, Beloveds, it is only to open up and receive that which is a wellspring of Source within your Being. And it is indeed so tender, and so dear, and so near to that which you would call God, that it sparks the remembrance of divine effortlessness, joy, ease, playfulness and beauty that we all carry within. And so appreciate the snowflake that is so unique and blessed in every moment of your days and know that there will come a time when you do remember beyond what is possible to imagine and it will be an opening to the grandness of your nature. 


– Julieanne Conard in Maui, Hawaii, 2013 


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