The Mysteries of Time

channelings Apr 08, 2020

Beloved ones, we greet thee, tis Alcazar. And we would like to reflect for a few moments on that which you call time. So many of you in the so called New Age community have heard for a long time that time is an illusion. And ultimately that is the case. But in your 3D reality, it is very real and your lives revolve around this, using time as a baseline.

But as most of you have experienced now, time seems to be speeding up. You think, oh, where did this week go? Or where did last year go? Suddenly it moved so rapidly. And so there is this sensation that time is speeding up.

Many of Alcazar's quotes are drawn from channelings at workshops.

So beloved ones, for many years we have talked about your earth, your solar system, moving through the vastness of the universe. You have moved into an area of the universe the Earth has not been in. And this is an energetic which is different from the past. It is an energetic of acceleration.

We have talked recently about the acceleration that's happening in your world and in your personal lives. The acceleration of the chaos and the breakdown in your world as it rebuilds itself to a higher level of consciousness. And similarly, in your personal lives, breaking down of the old structures and the re-creating of something more beautiful, if you can allow that.

We have also said that what you focus your energy on accelerates, and this is part of the reason that we are focusing in your Slovenia about abundance on all levels. Because by focusing on [this] you can accelerate this creative process. But something else is also occurring. For in the moment, time can seem to stretch. And so what is occurring, is if you are very present and focused in the moment, your creativity can be intensified. Also, as your vibration increases this experience of time becoming more rapid and also in the moment extending as you raise your vibration, you start to experience more and more the in the moment elongation of time. And when you are totally, permanently in the moment, you are in that state of high vibration, which here you call enlightenment. So, that moment when enlightenment happens, time as you experience it normally, ceases.

You are merged with the quantum field reality. You are functioning totally then from the quantum field. And so it is important for you all to have an appreciation of this experiencing of time. In this physical dimension of duality, you are experiencing time as accelerating. And as we have said in the moment, it can be slowing down. And so beloved once it is of great import, if you wish to start manifesting, creating in a very beautiful, harmonious, benevolent way to yourself, then it is important to be aware of being in the moment when you are consciously creating. And that moment will expand and the images that you put into your creation will be far stronger. And your ability to receive back from the quantum field that which you are creating will also be more open and receptive. - Channeling from Alcazar

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