The Mysteries and Potential of Water

#channeling #fromchaostoclarity Jan 31, 2022

Water is a bit of a mystery.  You know where there is water there is life in your universe.  This one, Siri (Barker), has described in her Sangoma lineage their views of what the Star Families have brought to the Earth… “And those Ancient Star Nations and Families supported us in becoming who we are through the waters. Through the waters that are off planet and have been brought here to earth. That is why we are made of water. Why we cleanse in water. Why it is our life force.”

The properties of water have yet to be fully appreciated. Many of your years ago this one, Drunvalo Melchizedek, created a computer that used water as it's memory, and he found that this water in the computer had an infinite ability to store information. Infinite.

Start to talk to the waters when you go into the wild, when you are by a rushing stream. Ask the waters what it is they wish to reveal to you.

The water in your body is also a mystery, and yet much is being discovered. It has been discovered that the water in your body exists in a highly energized state. A fourth state somewhere between the solid of ice, the liquid water. It is known as exclusion zone water. It is actually a liquid crystal, a liquid crystal state. This water forms in the highly structured layers around your bio-molecules, and your scientists are discovering that when the DNA replicates itself or reads your genes with the various enzymes, the enzymes do not actually touch the DNA strands. They read the code from the water, in it’s highly energized state known as a chiral super-structure , around the DNA. This is a highly ordered state and your physicists are discovering that it is the water that enables your biology to access energy and information from the field. 

Your water is a transducer of the vast energy and intelligence available coursing through your sub atomic world. Your water is indeed precious… So we would suggest your water is actually not even storing this information. Your water is actually connecting to the infinite storage of your holographic universe. 

You have heard that water carries memory. And we simply wish to say, it is alive this memory. You've heard it has an infinite storage capacity for information, and we say to you, it is alive.  What do we mean by this? Beloveds the molecules of the water are not holding the memory, they are anchoring the memory that is in the Quantum Field. They are antennae for the living neural network that is the fabric of your universe. 

So, as the Star Families imbue memory remembrance into your waters, as they imbue high energy potentials, as the Essenes imbue their lineage into the waters, their high energy potential into the waters, it is opening fractals of energy potentials that will move through your Earth, opening access points within the Quantum Field. And so we invite each and every one of you to recognize and to realize deep within that you have the innate ability to read, to connect, and to recognize what is held, stored, and revealed through your waters.  

Start to talk to the waters when you go into the wild, when you are by a rushing stream. Ask the waters what it is they wish to reveal to you. OK.

- Alcazar

From Chaos to Clarity, London, Dec 2021 - Day 2 Session 3  

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