The Gift of the Global Shutdown - Visualizing the New Future

channelings Feb 23, 2021

The Gift

We have said that this global shut down is a great gift. It has been a manipulation of humanity that has created this shutdown. Those manipulating [humanity] into this global shutdown are going to be a little surprised. Because so many millions and millions of people have recognized in these days and weeks that it is time for something new. In these days and weeks, they have seen the limitations of government. They have seen the inadequacies of your health system and your social services. They are wanting to create something more. Beloved ones, the seeds that you have planted this day are just the beginning.

The Invitation

 We invite you to join us again to amplify this movement, to take it even deeper, to radiate it around your world again and again. There are a few short weeks. Where this doorway is open, where there is an opportunity to bring love, compassion, equality, abundance into a new level of humanity. Are you ready for this? Are you willing? For the sake of your children, for the sake of the youngsters around your world, are you willing to create a new direction?

Because, as you probably know, if the world continues the course that it was on, disaster is ahead. But know, it well. That's pathway to disaster is already being diverted. How much do you want to change the direction you are going in? Do you know that your energy and your intention when you come together with thousands of others are magnified, greatly magnified. You can create change. You can project into your future a new society.

Visualizing the New

We invite you right now again, just to feel. What it will be like when your societies are organized, by what you right now called politicians, organized by politicians who are following their hearts. Who are following their intuition? Politicians who are there out of their genuine love to help those whom they represent. Feel that. Imagine that. Visualize that. Send that thought, that feeling out right now. Can you do that right now? Visualize politicians who really care for those whom they represent.

 And now can you visualize technologies that are already here on your planet? Technologies that can give you free energy, energy that comes from the field comes from the quantum field; energies that can enable you all to live in such a different reality. Can you imagine that? Can you visualize energy that does not pollute? That does not send radioactivity into your environment? That does not send poisonous gases into your air? Technology that does not pollute you with discordant electromagnetic energies? Can you imagine a society where love and care VIBRATES through every piece of technology? That caring for each other Is of vital importance to all?

Can you imagine a society where people smile at each other In the cities? Where there is no fear? Can you imagine? Visualize it. Know that this is what you are creating right now with your intention, with this group energy as we mention these things. Visualize it. Visualize beautiful parks. Beautiful landscaping. Your cities changing. Beautifying them. Can you imagine this? Yes, you can. Can you project that into your future? Yes, you can. Right now.

Individual Responsibility

You all have a responsibility. What do we mean by this? This word responsibility has been corrupted. Responsibility is now a burden. But the true meaning of the word is "your ability to respond". Response-ability, your ability to respond. And so it is your responsibility. You can respond to this new reality. You can respond, moment by moment in your life from a more loving, more aware, a more harmonious vibration.

 We have this day given you a few little tastes of meditation. We have given you a few little tastes of connecting two different guides, connecting to the quantum fields, connecting to the galactic command. We invite you beloved ones, to continue and deepen these connections. We invite you, beloved ones, to repeat the meditations which strengthened the communication between your heart and your head, your brain mind mechanism. We invite you to love your mind.

 Enlightenment is not about getting rid of the mind. The process is to love your mind. And as you love your mind, it transforms. It is up to you. Love your mind. Love your self. Celebrate who you are. Celebrate even more strongly who you are becoming.

- Alcazar Channeled by Prageet Harris during the Worldwide Channeling Retreat, April 15, 2020 with Lee Carrol and Kryon


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