The Fastest Way to Change Your Global Reality

#channeling #intothevoid May 31, 2022

In your yesterday, we addressed the media's use of fear. We said that fear is the basis of all your limitations, and that is a deep truth. Beloveds, sometimes you have to search a little into the limitation to discover why it is fear-based, but it is the case. There were many of you who were asking, “Well, what about this world situation? What about the war that is occurring?” First of all, let us say this: your media is focused on the war that is happening in Europe, but there are many world wars occurring around your world which you hear very little or nothing about. And people are asking, “What do we do about those people in pain and suffering? What do we do about those people?” But Beloveds, there are people in pain and suffering around your world every day. What can you do for them? The answer usually is nothing directly.

Whilst you still have these old controlling mechanisms on your planet, these wars, great and small will continue. The war that is in your Europe right now – understand that it is being created. It is part of the old control mechanism. This is perhaps hard for some of you to understand, but the war distracts you from the other subtle changes that are trying to be imposed upon you. We are saying this Beloveds, not as a political statement. We are saying this because it's simply the case.


Release Lower Vibrations

If you can be aware of that which is occurring, then you can start to work towards the transformation here on your planet. And it starts with you individually without exception. The more you can release the lower vibrations, the lower limitations from your life, the more you are actually changing the vibration here on your Earth. This is why we come and we support you. This is why we invite you together as you are doing right now gathering together, creating a stronger energetic together. Because when you do it together, you receive the benefit and amplification not just of your own energy, but of this global gathering. And this has an effect. It is very hard to notice the effect. It is something that we can see from our perspective. It is very difficult, almost impossible for you to see it from your place here on the Earth.


Individual Awakening Is The Fastest Way to Change

But as some of you know, last year in your country of Slovenia, we created a group energetic. And we asked for this energetic to work with the politicians and those in positions of power to support them in bringing in the new and very shortly afterwards, in the European Council, there was a group of politicians who stepped up and started to question what was happening in the world. From our perspective, this is a demonstration. Your minds can say, “Oh, it would have happened anyway.” But love and a little trust in this process is needed. Trust in what we are guiding you. Tune in. Does it feel right to you? So, when you are asking, “What can we do, what about all these people suffering?” Understand that everyone is living their own lives. Everyone is creating their own reality. We understand this is difficult for many of you to accept when there is a war happening and people seem to be victims of the war. Beloveds, each individual makes choices in that situation, and their choices lead them into safety or lead them into pain and suffering. No one is a victim. Your media love to make victims. Your media love to make aggressors. It is time to step out of that worldly place where you are guided by the media. You cannot blame one side or the other. Both are complicit. There are other energies, other countries working behind the scenes, which are adding to the conflict. So this is enough for us to address right now because our primary focus is supporting you individually in your awakening because we know from our perspective this is the fastest way to change your global reality. 

- Alcazar

Into the Void,  Day 13 – April 122022

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