"Thank You Bring Me More" Practice - Part II

If you notice, change in your body, say "Thank you." So, you're starting with the vibration of gratitude and you are asking for more health and wellness in the body. So, the thought is saying [I appreciate] more health and wellness and it combines with the vibration, the emotion of gratitude. Can you see how this small phrase of, "Thank you, bring me more," is bringing both the thought and the emotion together? It combines the head and the heart, and both are vibrating harmony into the Quantum Field. It's the perfect way to manifest with clarity of intention and gratitude.

It is allowing you to be open to receiving those things that you are creating in your life. “Thank you, bring me more,” is an extremely powerful way of creating beneficial change in your life. When you use the words, “Thank you, bring me more,” correctly, you are empowering yourself. You are taking responsibility for your own personal evolution. It is very simple. You can use it a dozen times a day for everything that is of a higher vibration in your experiencing, whether it is [desire for more of] an emotional feeling, a physical change in the body, or if something flowing beautifully in your life. Remember, “Thank you, bring me more.”  

- Alcazar

Becoming Superconscious, Session 19 , March  2021

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