"Thank You Bring Me More" Practice - Part I

When you recognize, "Oh, something has changed," then really recognize it. Take a moment to say, "Thank you. Bring me more expansion into a new reality." Feel gratitude for the change that has happened. And in that gratitude, say, "Thank you. Bring me more of these changes in my life." You are taking responsibility for your own creation in this way. Truly acknowledge each and every little change that you notice. If you wake up and you're feeling joyful. Say, "Thank you. Bring me more joy in my day." 

When something that you are working on flows beautifully and easily, say, "Thank you. Bring me more flow in my work and in the projects that I need to take care of. Thank you, bring me more." If you notice, your body is feeling particularly good today say, "Thank you, bring me more feelings of health and wellness." If you feel a particular problem you have had in your body changing, say, "Thank you, bring me more health and wellness in my body." Beloveds, every time you have this thought combined with [the feeling of] gratitude, that is expressing your gratitude. And when you say, "Bring me more," be clear about what you're asking for more of. 

- Alcazar

Becoming Superconscious, Session 19 , March  2021

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