"Thank You. Bring Me More Abundance."

#beginner's guide to interdimentionalbilocation #channeling Jan 26, 2023


Gratitude enables you to open, to receive. And in that receiving, part of what you will receive is clarity about your limitations. As you can see, as we answer questions about different topics, the solution always comes back to dissolving your limitations. Acknowledging them is the first step in dropping your judgments about having these limitations.

The next step is celebrating that they have supported a learning process for you. And then when you celebrate and are grateful for those learning processes, what you have learned through these limitations, then you can ask the guides to assist you in dissolving them from your energy field. Then you are ready to live abundance on all levels. So perhaps you can see now that abundance on all levels is something to move towards. Every time you experience abundance coming into your life, acknowledge it. Say, “Thank you. Bring me more abundance.”


The Beginner's Guide to Interdimensional Bilocation


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