Relaxing and Allowing Change

channelings Apr 08, 2020

 “Beloved ones, are you ready to transform your life? Are you ready to make this step into your new future without knowing what that will be like? You cannot know what it will be like, otherwise it will not be new. It will be something from the old repeated. Understand that the new has to be something that you have not experienced before, and because you have not experienced it before you do not know how it is going to come to you. You do not know what is going to come to the you. You do not know how spirit or your guides or your higher self or whatever label you wish to put on it will have in store for you. You are happily going along with your life. It could change.

Opening to Change

You might find yourself suddenly on a totally different path because something will come in and guide you into a new reality. This one, Prageet, did not decide, “Oh, I'm going to be a channel.” No, not at all. This one, Prageet, was a businessman about to buy a big hotel. Then Alcazar came in. Now look at him. He is living joy for so many days, weeks, and years. Can you imagine the joy, of seeing all of these people simply because he said, “Okay”? And he has got a very good deal out of this. He just comes and Alcazar comes in and does all the work. Nothing to prepare.

Whatever it is for you, change is possible. You do not know what it is going to be, but can you be open to the possibility that, if change is going to happen for you, that you will not know how it is going to come? You will not know what it is, but you will start to get a strong feeling and intuition and guidance. And when you feel that, you say, “Okay”. Or will you say, “Oh, not today. I have to go to work tomorrow.”? Change requires a leap of faith and trust in your super-consciousness, trust in the guidance that comes to you in those moments when you are open and perceptive.

The beautiful thing about the Stargate work is that it is not about doing. It is about relaxing and allowing. Understand that if you are totally present, totally relaxed, totally receptive, you start to receive energies that are exactly right for you in that moment. And if you can allow that, if you can be present with that, if you can be in that, “yes” space, if you can say, “I am ready for the new,” then change starts to happen. Internally your energy changes, but also on the physical level, on the level of your DNA.  There is so much of your DNA that is not functioning right now which is why humans grow old. You can activate parts of your DNA that enable your body to continue to rejuvenate itself. It is there in your DNA now. Can you allow for the possibility that you can be youthful, that your body can regenerate itself, and you can have more and more years in the body feeling youthful, joyful and energized?

That is possible by activating dormant parts of your DNA. You do not have to do anything. But there needs to be an openness to that possibility. And while the mind says, “Oh, that is not possible,” then that is not possible for you. But, when you can begin to rethink your potential, new realities open for you. - Alcazar Channeling, Slovenia, April, 2019 – Blueprint for a New Humanity – Session 3 – Day 1

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