Realizing Spirit Is Benevolent

(During the Easter Session, April 4, 2021, Session 32 - Alcazar shared about the Essenes and brought in their energies. This message came through and the following day many people shared about their experiences. )


Alcazar on Yeshua's (or Jesus') Deep Message of Living Your Truth

The message of Jesus or Yeshua, of his lifetime had nothing to do with sin. It had to do with the importance of recognizing, and then living your truth. And so just inviting the energies of Jesus to support you in this moment as he radiates his love. Invite him to assist you in knowing your truth and in living it. This might mean that that which you have thought as your truth was actually a subtle illusion and that now you are ready to see something deeper about yourself and to start living more of your natural self. Feel the energies of Jesus, inviting his support to know thyself and to live your truth.  – Alcazar , Becoming Superconscious, Session 32, 2021, Mt Shasta 


A Shared Realization that Spirit Is Benevolent

(The next day after the channeling and transmission of energies, Prageet read this experience and shared his own.)

So Benedict is saying: I was brought up in a strict religious, Christian home focused on sin, the cross, and guilt. Listening to Alcazar's words on the true Yeshua, the true Jesus, why he died and bathing in the soft velvet, gentle energy of the Essenes was so shocking and healing. Happiness rushed through me. I felt joy and yet I also grief for the distorted belief system my family have perpetuated for generations and still do. I went to bed feeling so calm, and experienced a feeling I don't have words for. I invited the Essenes in -- Mother Mary, Yeshua, Mary Magdalena. The healing that came through yesterday started to heal something very deep. It has to do with starting to realize that Spirit is benevolent, not angry. And I dare open up to those beings in the meditation now, that it is safethat there is a kind God. Thank you, blessings and love to you all. 

Prageet: That was really beautiful Benedict. And I really wanted to share it with everyone because I know from my own experience growing up in a Christian family and going to church that at a certain point, I felt and perceived almost like a hypocrisy. And yet I also know that there are those who are very genuinely connected through the different churches to their experience of God or Spirit. And this is also really beautiful. So there are those who are deeply connected to the energies that we share [through the Stargate Experience], that we describe perhaps in a different way. But there are also many around the world who go to the various churches or mosques, and to all of the different religious institutions that connect directly to the energy of Spirit in their own way. And so it's not about making the religions wrong. It's about recognizing how religion and politics came together way back in ancient history and have been used to manipulate humanity. But Spirit has always been there in those religious institutions for those people who are genuinely searching and reaching out to Spirit in whatever way they perceive. Becoming Superconscious, Session 33, 2021, Mt Shasta 

You Are Choosing Your Unique Path 

Understand this, Beloveds, there are thousands upon thousands upon thousands of different ways that individuals can evolve. You are all unique, we have said this so many times, and in your uniqueness, you are choosing both consciously and subconsciously, and with the guidance of your Superconscious self; you are choosing your unique path. And so you cannot compare. It is not realistic to compare your evolution and your experiences with those of another.  – Alcazar, Becoming Superconscious, Session 33, 2021, Mt Shasta


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