Q&A with Alcazar: What Is the Need for Guides?

Question from Liane: What is the need for guides if our soul or Superconsciousness is controlling the human avatar? Why can't the Superconsciousness directly guide the human? Is there an agreement to come in with amnesia?  

Alcazar: It is not a requirement to receive the input from the guides, it is something that is simply offered. It is something that you begin to become aware of as you evolve, as your consciousness expands. Life brings you into contact with the potential of receiving energy support and understanding from those in higher realms. But it is always your choice [to receive it] and it is part of the process of becoming more aware. In your physical life, there are those who are living their truth and those who are not even connecting to the guides. There are those who are bringing through beautiful, pure energy and there are those who are distorting or simply creating from their mind. And that, too, is part of the quality and it is part of your learning to tune in and feel what level of guidance is appropriate for you. Not every guide is appropriate for everyone, and so Beloveds, it is a choice. So choose wisely those and energies that come to you that you can feel, “oh, this is of help to me right now.” And so why not receive that which is helpful for you?  

And as we have said in the past, you can walk from New York to San Francisco. You can walk that whole journey by yourself, or you can take a plane and sit back in comfort, watch a movie and a few hours later be in San Francisco.  

You do not think twice about flying these distances, receiving the support in that way. Similarly, the guidance that is available can simply accelerate your process, bring you out of unconsciousness, move you to more and more awareness. So why stay in struggle, pain, suffering, limitations from the past? Why stay there for a long time when there is a possibility of being assisted to lift yourself out of that? Understand those limitations and let them simply drop away.  

We are here simply offering assistance should you choose to accept it. And so, we thank you for your question.  

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