Q&A with Alcazar: Sometimes It Seems Like the Guides Disappear


Participant: At times I get glimpses of my Guides and those beyond the veil and I'm like, wow. And then all of a sudden, poof; it's like they’re gone. What is going on?

Alcazar: In this process of awakening you will occasionally find that the connection you had to beyond the veil disappears -- be it a visual connection, be it a channeling experience, be it feeling your guides or your Superconscious self. One day it might seem as if they have gone, that they are not there. And very often people drop into self-doubt, questioning the reality of what they have experienced. But understand, this function is to support you in your own individual evolution. And so there will come times when it feels like the guidance has disappeared. It has not. It has simply shifted to a higher level, a higher frequency, and we are inviting you to expand and to connect with us on this higher, deeper level. We have not abandoned you. We have stepped up in order to encourage you to step up also.


The Beginner's Guide to Interdimensional Bilocation

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