Q&A with Alcazar: On "Nothing to do" in Practice

channelings Mar 29, 2021

Question from Tommy: When Prageet said, “There is nothing to do, just relax,” I was concerned that the creative dynamic of being and doing was being limited. When is the concept of 'nothing to do' applied to the being phase of the creative process and the doing phase of living our daily life?" 

Alcazar: So, let us say this. When we are working with you energetically in this way, there is nothing to do, simply relax and be in the energy field. Ultimately, when you reach that state of enlightenment, everything your every move, your every word, your every action comes from a place of non-doing. An enlightened one will tell you this. They are not doing anything. Spirit, existence is simply moving through them. And those individuals, if they choose, can simply manifest physical objects apparently out of thin air because just the intention flows through and affects the physical realm. Clearly, you are not there yet. But our message, “There is nothing to do,” applies very strongly when you are being guided, when you are meditating and it applies very strongly as a magnet.  

At some point in your future, you will be in that enlightened state where there is complete non-doing. So just hearing again and again, “There is nothing to do,” can pull your beingness towards that ultimate state here in the body.  

Between now and that time, you can say, “Yes, I am doing. I am creating through doing.” But Beloved Ones, start to realize there are many things that are occurring that are not really your doing. When you are walking, for example, are you doing it or is it just flowing through you?  

It's simply a flow of energy through you that you are not consciously doing. And so slowly, slowly, we invite you to move into an understanding that more and more can simply be a flowing through here rather than thinking about and then doing. We hope that this is added a little perspective.  

And in the context of your meditation experiences, we simply wish to add that, “nothing to do,” enables your humanness to relax and let go. In the letting go, in the nothing to do, for the human part of the brain-mind mechanism, which has been tuned to your third dimensional reality, to the personality, to your past, to thinking about the future, to the whole construct of being human, that part can actually let go enough that the larger part of your beingness comes into your awareness. So “nothing to do,” is a tool. Yes, it is a call to your beingness, but it is also a tool for your humanness. And so, we simply wish to clarify. It is not to try to convolute yourself into “nothing to do,” when there is clearly something that you are needing to do, such as paying your taxes. “Nothing to do” enables the dissolving into the wider perspective of who you truly are.   

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