Q&A with Alcazar - Is It Exhausting to Become Enlightened?

#channeling #q&a Aug 21, 2023


Julieanne: So, Alcazar is it exhausting to become enlightened? I’d really love to know.

Alcazar: It is so exhausting NOT being enlightened! You know from your own life experiences, the struggle and the feeling of, “I don't want to get up in the morning.” Move beyond this. Start your day by feeling grateful, grateful for the comfortable pillow, grateful for the sunlight or the rain that you are hearing or seeing. Grateful that you have food to eat. Grateful for the taste as you enjoy that first sip of your drink in the morning. Be grateful. The vibration of gratitude naturally uplifts you. We have been saying this for a very long time. More and more of those who guide others are saying it also now. Gratitude elevates your vibration. And Beloveds, science demonstrate this now. This is not some woo woo stuff that Alcazar is saying.

Your science recognizes that when you drop into gratitude, your vibration rises. It is measurable. Your brain waves change. Hmm. So, stop feeling exhausted. Just relax into the moment of now, and one day on your timeline, one moment of no time, you will drop into being your Superconscious Self. And like the many Masters before you, you will giggle, and say, "God, I have tried so hard. It never worked." You do not have to find the bodhi tree. It can happen anywhere. A friend of this one was running along the beach and it happened. He was running along feeling so angry. So frustrated. And then, poof, it was all gone.


Costa Rica, 2022

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