Q&A with Alcazar: Influences from a Scary Movie in Meditation

#channeling #newyear's2023 #realignment Apr 18, 2023

Dissolving Fear with Love

Participant: While meditating with beautiful energies, random, unrelated images come in, which is the concern. I know I can let it pass and come back to present. My concern is the images are from a scary movie.

Prageet: Well, one answer is to stop watching scary movies. And that's actually not a joke.

Alcazar: Really understand that the media, your movies, are so often very violent. Scary ghosts. Evil energies. All those horrible E.T.’s who are coming to take over the world. This is all programs to bring you into fear. Even though, you know, I'm just watching a movie, notice in these movies how your emotional body responds to them. Watch a movie with awareness and you will find that when things get exciting, your body responds. There is a certain acceleration in the heartbeat. There is a certain tension sometimes in the body. You can feel afraid when there is a sudden, loud noise. When somebody jumps out on the character in the movie, you jump. Why? Because, Beloveds, you relate as if it is happening to you. Even though you know you are watching a movie, you are being influenced and affected by it.

So, this is why we say don't watch scary movies. They are influencing you. They are bringing fear into your field. And really focus on love. Understand why these scary movies are there. There are so many beautiful things you can participate in. Just choose slightly differently. And then for the Scary movie that's coming into the mind right now, just thank it for the experience and send love to those scary parts. Sending love with understanding that I am separate from this, but love that energy of fear. I love it into dissolving from my being. You can dissolve the low frequency of fear by bringing love to it. So understand, when we say bring love to the fear, we are not saying love having fear in your body. No. Send love to the fear and dissolve it with that higher vibration of love. Hmm. So thank you for that. It's important for all of us to realize. 


New Year's 2023 Livestream

  Day 4 • Session 3 - Q&A - Realignment

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