Q & A – Resistance to Love

#channeling #intothezone q&a Dec 06, 2022

Participant: I could feel my resistance to let love in. It was so strong. This is an issue I have been working on for the last 20 years because I believe I am really good at giving my love to other people and really weak at receiving love from people to get love in. I’d like to hear from you about this.

Alcazar: Understand, Beloved, if you have been working on something for 20 years, you are moving in the wrong direction. We say to you all stop working on things. This word, work carries a heavy feeling, heavy connotation. Nobody likes to work. You are always trying to get something. And we talk generally to you all, when you are aware of something that is lacking, you try and get it. And you use this word, “I tried to get love.” You cannot get it. That involves a doing or a taking. You can only receive.

In the New Age, you focus on trying to get rather than asking yourself, "Why am I choosing not to receive? What is it that I am thinking or feeling? What is the energy that is saying, 'Don't receive love?'" And it doesn't matter whether it was in a past life or past in this life. Always when your intention is strong enough where you really wish to let go of an old pattern, something will happen. You will attract to you a situation that helps you let it go. It could be something very gentle, like somebody saying to you unexpectedly, “I love you.” And suddenly the old falls away. Or it could be a car accident. Something big. A shock that helps you let go of something.

So, we encourage you, rather than push away those areas where you know change is needed, look at them. Invite them into your consciousness. [Ask,] “Why am I trying to get love?” If you are trying to get love, then that means that you have a feeling that you are not loved. So then the question is, “Why do I feel I am not loved?” And when the answer comes ask, why do you feel you are not loved? Then you ask yourself, “Well, why do I feel that?” Whatever the situation, if you ask yourself why, then an answer will come. And then you ask, “Well, why did that answer come?” And when another answer comes, “Why did that answer come?” And that would take you back to the original cause of that feeling or that shut down.

So, Beloved one, be-loved. Be loved. We love you. In this moment, we love you. You do not have to do anything. You do not have to try. In fact, when you stop trying, then the love will be there, for it is around you already. In one moment the love will come in and you will feel overwhelmed by it. Okay?

Into the Zone, Costa Rica, Sept. 2022

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