Process of Releasing Limitations


Part of this process of awakening will bring to the surface many experiences that you'd rather not have. The old habits become very obvious. And your habits are by their very nature addictive, otherwise they would not be a habit. So, you're actually addicted to those limitations that hold you back… Take note of the judgments that come up like "I'm not good enough," and all the various things from your childhood and beyond that limit you. They come to the surface when you are ready and have the ability to release them. Understand that these things do not come into your awareness until you have the ability to dissolve them. But as we have said, you are addicted to them and so the subconscious holds these limitations, these habits and plays them constantly in your life.

With a conscious thought, you can override limitations. And when you are ready you can also discover why they are there and where they were created so that you can start the process of releasing them. So what is the process? When you notice a particular habit that keeps on playing out again and again, [like] the habit of thinking, "I'm not good enough. I don't deserve something. I'm always in lack," whatever it is, when it comes to the surface, notice it. Very often these things come to the surface and you're so used to having them play out in your life you don't even really notice it. When you notice it, stop what you are doing in that moment if you can. If you are involved in something that requires your continued awareness, continued functioning, then promise yourself to give yourself time in the near future to sit down with this limitation. Ask your Superconscious self, “Help me understand this." 


Beginner's Guide to Interdimensional Bilocation

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