Meditation Is an Entry into the Present Moment

#channeling #intothevoid May 17, 2022

Meditation is an entry into the present moment. Meditation with the Stargate energies is an infusion of the field that is constantly around. You understand this deeply. The Stargate function is simply to amplify greatly the quantum field -- that field that creates all dimensional realities that emerges from the void fresh and new in every moment. And so, what we are inviting you to step into is your power to choose. If your old imprints, habits, patterns, the body matrix of your cellular functioning, the functioning of the mind and its intricate webs, if you can visualize all of this as a bit of a tangled mess.

Take the Hand of the Universe and Say, "Show Me."

What we are saying to you is the way out of that mess is not to contemplate the places where you feel you are stuck. No, the way out of that web is forward momentum. It is to take the hand of the universe and say, "Show me. Show me right now what insight from the past or what wonder in the present, can I focus on? The power of wonder is not to be underestimated. We have spoken to you about gratitude so many times. If you can, understand that to be in wonder, to be in wonderment in any given moment will actually lead you to create freedom in your life.
Ask, "How Can I Be in Wonder?"
Because if you are stuck with a lower vibrational thought or feeling; a day that you do not know what to do with; or a day where you are too busy. And you say to yourself, how can I be in wonder? You start to open potentials. Perhaps you take yourself to a beautiful place, physically or in your mind. It can be just for a moment, and it can shift everything because you are no longer in the tangle of the web of the imprints of the past. Can you feel what we are saying, because when you release your attachment to that tangled web, the crystalline structuring of the intelligence of the universe greets you, the guides and Spirit; the entire intelligence of your Superconsciousness says, "OK, there is an opening here. Let us bring the new."

 - Alcazar, Into the Void, Day 10 (April 5th, 2022)

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