Love Your World

channelings Feb 23, 2021

Your world is in the chaos of change. Nothing is certain except that eventually, love, peace, and celebration will flourish here. How long it takes to get there how long it takes for humanity to stop living in fear is up to you and people like you. Understand that deeply. It is you and people similar to you who are changing the world. And you see the reaction from the unconscious forces wanting to prevent the change, encouraging warfare and judgment. Judgment lowers your vibration and maintains the old. Fighting the system, as you may call it, maintains the system. Fighting does not bring love. Fighting brings separation and holds the old in place.

 The mind might say, "How can we love those who are creating terror in the world?" What else can you do? "Love your enemies." This is a beautiful phrase because it comes out of deep understanding. Your societies teach you to hate those who are different from you. Different religion, different color skin, different lifestyles -- all those things create separation. Love is the answer. Yes, it is a slow process. But when you start to radiate love, when you start to love those who in the past you have resented or even hated, when you start to send love, you change you. Start living in love. Your vibration raises. You have already changed. You are no longer living in separation. So don't be concerned about changing the world. Just love it and your world will change right away.

Alcazar, Easter, Day 2, 2017

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