Looking Into the Year Ahead

channelings Mar 23, 2020

There will be more happening for you in this lifetime than has happened in many of your previous lifetimes together. As was just said, you are coming to the end of a decade, a decade of change. Your 2012 was a marker, a time when it is acknowledged that the trajectory of humanity shifted. You have now been on a new pathway of consciousness.

Many of you feel as if change has been happening very quickly. But beloved ones, this, we must say. The rate of change is going to get faster in this year, 2020. It is time right now to shed limiting thought processes, limiting habits. It is time to shed your addiction to focusing on negative thoughts and feelings. Because as you move into this, your 2020, the energies of change are going to be more rapid, accelerating. The energy will be accelerating. And so, if you are in a beautiful upward space, then the energies will carry you to higher and higher experiences. But also, if you are focused on the negative, the complaining, you will be carried down into the depths of discomfort very rapidly.

For most of you, the conditioning given as a child, led to focus on the negative, on what is not working. Complaining about everything. And it has become a habit, a way of life almost. You here gathered, have noticed these things about yourself and are changing them continue to let go of any negative focus. It is time to be more aware of these internal feelings.

And as you catch those lower frequency ones, you can change them. In the last gathering here, we were emphasizing gratitude. The vibration, the frequency of gratitude for by tuning in to that vibration. You can change certain things -- sadness, movement into judgment -- whatever is bringing you down, you can change that. Gratitude into appreciation and joy and a movement upwards of your energy again.

Your world Is going to be breaking down in order to rebuild. You see this in your many countries - the unrest, the political situations. It is there in your world. Your environments breaking down. Beloved ones, you are needed. You are needed. Your vibration can lift up into the new reality, those around you. You are fortunate because you are on an intended [path], a path of intention.

As you raise your vibration, you make it easier for those around you. As you raise your vibration, the morphic field of humanity is gently raised. You are needed now more than ever to bring your focus to self. To bring your focus on loving self, becoming free of the old. Being courageous to step into your new, as existence reveals it to you.

And so beloveds, these days together we are here to support you. We are here to walk with you into a new reality here on your earth. Not in some distant future, but day by day as you bring a new reality into your life.

Very good.

 And so we invite you to take a moment to project yourself into your future, imagining this acceleration and imagining for yourself a path of intention, a path where you take your intention and you breathe life into self-love. You breathe life into gratitude. You focus on spiraling upward so that even those things that come out of nowhere and knock you off your balance can become opportunities to practice the new. Not reacting, but responding.

 There is a beautiful term for this. It is called the growth mindset. Yes, you can look for meaning in those things that are less desirable for indeed, you create everything. And so everything is an opportunity for growth. But understand that sometimes, beloved, especially as you move into these new energies that are a catalyst for change in your planetary system, you will encounter the last throes of the old energy, systemically and also within you. [You'll encounter] those last vestiges of the self-talk that you are attempting to rid yourself of so that you can embrace a new appreciation of self. And so sometimes existence will test you, saying, "Are you really ready to live in an abundance of love?"

 And so we say to you, whenever there is an opportunity, choose love. Whenever there is something that is pushing your buttons, do not just be the mannequin from the past, with all the reactions and the triggers that drive you. Practice the pause. Replace those old patterns with a pause button, finding ways to bring a new awareness. And with that new awareness, you can see, yes, the old pathways are still available. You have had lifetimes to practice the ways of the old human. And now it is an opportunity to spiral up. And you can only do that by practicing the ways of the new. The key is self-love. The key is being the witness, the observer, as you allow the old to rise and dissolve.

 And the key, beloved, ones is nourishing self so that you have the resources, the inner ability to choose wisely, to choose the highest path and to live in intention for that intention brings you into freedom.

 These days together, there is nothing to do. These geneticist of the Stargate and the guides will be cascading and creating a field of awareness, and in that awareness much can arise within you. Both the potentials for the new way of being and those old hurts from the past that simply need your love, your awareness, your understanding.

 Compassion is the key. Compassion is your love and your understanding combined. And so let us draw in the highest potentials, not just for this gathering, but for your trajectory, your evolution, for you are the ones, the beacons who can draw in a higher level of awareness of the oneness.

Understand, what we are doing here is not just bringing light, it is shining light into those dark corners that you may have avoided. And in that you embrace the wholeness, the totality of your humanness. And you bring your humanness closer to the oneness. And so we welcome you here. We embrace you and we say to you. Get ready. Things are about to get far more interesting on this your earth.

- Alcazar, New Years Workshop 2020, Mt Shasta

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