Learning to Live in a State of Abundance

abundance collaborations & guest posts Mar 06, 2020

by Isabelle Benarous of the Bio-Reprogramming Institute

Our subconscious metaphors have great impact on our health and body. When we perceive elements in our environment in terms of “lacking” or “deprivation” we join a certain vibration that matches that mindset and the universe put us in contact with circumstances that will support the flow we are creating. In other word the universe, which is nonjudgmental, will help us manifest the results that correspond to what we are metaphorically asking based on our mental representations and the emotions associated to them. 

Despite what may appear to be, we are fully responsible for the events we attract into our life—including the type of financial situations we manifest. This is based on our subconscious programming as well as our conscious thoughts.

We are more than just our physical body. Our conscious and subconscious mind both send signals which vibrate as energy. This energy vibrates in a universe and attracts the same energy we are sending. What vibrates at a similar frequency as you, will manifest in your life.

When thinking about abundance, some of us may think in financial and materialistic terms, when in fact it is powerful to realize there are treasures all around us that are completely free. Nature is continuously giving to us—plants, wildlife, and the elements of water and air surround and support us. Our life is already full of abundance when we are healthy, happy and when we have purpose.

One’s inability to feel genuine gratitude can lead to creating a vibration of lack. The first step toward any type of success is to become conscious of all the treasures you already have in your life and to generate feelings of fulfillment in your heart. During the upcoming online course, you will learn how to position your thoughts at the right place and how to shift your vibration in an instant!

Workshop-Preventing the Flu Virus by Isabelle Benarous

photo by Matt Quinn, Unsplash.com

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