Introducing You to A Higher Reality

channelings Feb 06, 2021

This Alcazar channeling is from the New Year, New Dawn, 2021 Livestream. You'll find the transcription and the audio below.  

Beloved Ones, what we are offering is very simple. But the pull of your past is very strong. Your conditioning has been there for so many lifetimes. You accept on a very deep level the belief systems of your societies. You believe reality is a certain way. And whilst you believe reality is a certain way, you created in that same old way. 

Introduction to a Higher Reality 

What we are introducing you to is a higher reality. It has always been there, but you have not known of it. And so we are gently introducing you through the Stargate Experience to a higher reality. You need great courage, awareness and watchfulness, watching yourself. Because this old programming, this old belief of how things are, will constantly throw you back into the old. That is OK. As soon as you notice it, take a moment and say to yourself, "I remember." And allow the feeling to come to you, slowly, slowly. 

If in this 2021, the Year of Decision, you have decided, "I am going to move to this higher reality," then your personal reality must start changing. Yes, there will still be the chaos that is happening in the world. And that chaos is going to get more intense, more confusing, more challenging for most people. There will be more desperation, more fear, more separation.  

Your Intention and Attention Are Needed

And you'll see it around you. You can allow seeing all those things to pull you back and to identify with the old belief of what is. Or you can say to yourself, "I remember." And your energy will change. Your energy will be creative. And so your life experience can be one of joy and upliftment. But your intention is needed; your intention to remember and your attention to watch yourself when you fall back into those old limiting patterns. So again. We are offering you a more beautiful life experience, but you need to love yourself enough to bring these energies to you -- many times a day initially -- to really connect to your Superconscious self.  

Following Your Own Guidance

As the connection with your Superconscious self develops, your Superconscious self will start showing you things beyond that which we will be sharing with you all. And that is when life gets very beautiful, because then you are not following what someone on the outside, you are not following what Alcazar is saying. You are following your own guidance. You are following your own Superconscious self. Are you ready for that? Are you ready to love yourself in enough to remember? And so, we invite you now. Remember. Feel the energy that you have created. Feel the vibration in your body. Feel the Superconscious self around you. Feel your heart. Feel. 

- Alcazar, New Year, New Dawn, 2021


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