How Your Universe Has Been Evolving

#channeling #renewal Sep 18, 2022

This one Prageet originated, channeled, brought forth the Stargate structure in your year of 1989. But we have said that these two [with Julieanne] have worked together with this Stargate consciousness in other planetary civilizations. We have talked about a planetary transition or transformation team. [These are] individuals, beings who specialize in incarnating lifetime after a lifetime, who chose to drop into the depths of unconsciousness so that when it is time to reawaken they are ready. They feel the call. They are among the first who are drawn to higher frequencies, who feel from the depths of their souls the calling to reawaken. Beloved Ones, you are the brave individuals who have invested in this planetary trajectory, the trajectory not just of the awakening that is occurring now, but the trajectory of your Atlantis, your Lemuria, the trajectory of beings from around your universe.

So many different star civilizations who are represented here on this earth. And we have talked in your past about the mission here. The exploration here goes far beyond the mission. It is absolutely an emergence of something new in your universe. That is the potential. Civilizations around you universe have been evolving for eons. And if you can, imagine an entire planetary civilization becoming enlightened, reaching the pinnacle of consciousness in their particular star system, and then passing that torch to the next planet that is ready for consciousness. That is how your universe has been evolving. Each system awakening. And now there is the Earth; something completely different. The Earth with representatives, volunteers from these many varied star systems, have decided to incarnate together in one place, to mix and merge DNA, to forget who they are, so that when they re-emerge into universal consciousness, Beloved, something totally new will emerge with you.

- Alcazar

Renewal, Stargate Global Gathering, Slovenia, Sept. 2022

Day 1 - Session 2

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