How to Move Deeper Into Gratitude

channelings gratitude Feb 23, 2021

Your Perception Is Everything

Your perception is everything, how you choose to see the world. You are perhaps now all aware that you have unconscious conditioning that colors or determines the way that you see the world. These were limitations placed upon you in your early childhood or in your education system or in your particular religion. And they are all limitations. They were, in a sense, thrust upon you, and at such an early age, you simply accepted them as the truth, as a reality. For your parents and teachers and priests told you, "This is how it is." In your inner sense, you accepted those things -- various experiences created within you, limitations from different belief systems, which are not your truth. So you are aware that they are there.

It is not so important in this moment to understand where they came from or how you received them in a specific way. What we wish to say to you is that now, at your level of awareness, you can notice how you view the world. Look and see every time you have a perspective on something, someone, or some situation, notice every time when your reaction to that situation is negative, or your thoughts about that situation are negative. It happens hundreds of times every day. And you accept it. You allow it to be. Being aware of these negative judgments is the first step.

Fear Is the Opposite of Love

We said yesterday that they are all fear based. Fear is the opposite of love. Bring love and the fear starts to dissolve -- love towards yourself, loving self enough to acknowledge these negative aspects of self without judgment. "Oh, there's another negative thought," [you may think.] When you start to notice them and acknowledge them, you are beginning to drain the energy from them, to reduce the intensity of that particular negative thought. If in that moment you change, you consciously change that negative thought into something neutral or positive, then you begin to dissolve that thought, form that negative conditioning.

Practice of Deep Gratitude

The other way that we are starting to introduce is this deep gratitude. If you can live in deep gratitude more and more, you start to appreciate everything in your life. You even start to appreciate the fact that you have a negative judgment about something and you have the awareness to see it. And then when you move from that deep appreciation into gratitude, it becomes a celebration of everything -- gratitude for everything. Because when you are grateful even for the situations that created particular negative programing, when you are grateful for that situation, you have learned from it, because there is a total openness to receive that experience.

And so instead of judging yourself for having a negative belief or negative judgment, you start to simply love self. And then, in that energy of deep gratitude, those conditionings dissolve. The more you can be grateful, truly grateful -- not thinking about, but feeling the gratitude -- the more you start to dissolve the negative within you, the judgmental within your. The more you move into this deep gratitude, the easier it becomes to access the super consciousness. The more you are in deep gratitude, the more you hear the guidance which comes through your intuition. Your intuition is the voice of your super consciousness, whether it actually comes in words that you hear or feelings that you notice or images that you see.

You are the super consciousness wishing to free your human self.

It Is Time to Respond

One important step, one thing to notice, is when you defend your negativity, because then you are protecting the old. When you try and justify something that inside, you realize is actually not your truth simply because you've held it for so long, you feel inside, "No this is not right." But you justify it because you don't want others to see you acknowledging, "Oh, that wasn't my truth."

Beloved ones. It is time to be ruthlessly honest with yourself. Because you are constantly being dishonest with yourself. You are constantly accepting and allowing thoughts, judgments, actions that, you know are not your highest truth, but you do them anyway. Awareness also requires responsibility. Responsibility is the ability to respond. If you see yourself being judgmental, if you see yourself running one of these unconscious programs, you are not responsible if you just allow it to continue. You are then re-acting, acting that same program again -- a learned set of words or actions just like an actor on the stage. You re-acting. It is time to respond.

Moving Deeper into the Understanding of Gratitude

In these days together, there is a possibility of moving deeper into the understanding and experience of gratitude. But in order to feel it, self judgment needs to dissolve. And so when we invite you to feel gratitude, when the mind says, "Oh, I can't feel that," that is self judgment. If you are not noticing it yet, say, "I am opening to have the experience of deep gratitude. I know it is coming. I call it forth. I allow my intention to bring this experience to me in spite of any negative thoughts that are programed within me."

As we talk to you, notice the way your mind responds or reacts. Do you find yourself arguing about something that we have said, trying to define your thoughts as the real truth? We are not asking you to believe anything that we say. We are asking you to hear these words, feel these energies, and see if it resonates with your truth. If it does not, that is perfectly fine. We are not attached to you accepting that which we say. But we say it from a place of deep love and understanding of the human condition.

Humanity is moving through this awakening process and so it is new for you. But in the universe, this is not new. We have worked with dozens and dozens of civilizations moving through this awakening process. The Stargate comes to planetary civilizations at this place of the evolution, from unconscious to conscious to super-conscious. So, we are very familiar with the process. - Alcazar, Thanksgiving Understanding the Vibration of Deep Gratitude Workshop, D3, November 2019

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