Higher Dimensional DNA

Many of you have heard us talk in the past about what we call your higher dimensional DNA, non-physical DNA. It is in the same space, so to speak, entangled with your physical DNA. It is the higher aspect of your DNA. As you know, your physical DNA is given to you by the coming together of your mother and your father's DNA. They combined to create your unique DNA. Your higher dimensional DNA, however, is different. It is brought to you from all your various incarnations, your past lives. The information from your past lives is held in this higher dimensional DNA. Sometimes it is called your akashic record. It is [information] within your higher dimensional DNA. 

Your Origins

You have lived many, many lives. Most of you came to this planet a very long time ago. There are deep, unconscious memories perhaps going as far back as times living in a cave, times when fire was a basic necessity for survival. You have lived many experiences, very often in many different locations, and in many different countries around the world. You have lived both in male bodies and in female bodies; experiencing the difference; understanding what it is like to be these two different genders; feeling what it is like to bear children;  feeling what it is like to have the responsibility of providing for your family. You have lived lives of being wealthy. And you have lived lives of being in poverty. All this is held in your high dimensional DNA.

Tapping Into Abundance

And so Beloved Ones, there is much within you. For example, you have lived lives of being wealthy, feeling wealthy, being able to create abundance in your lives. That information is in your higher dimensional DNA. You already know how to create abundantly. It has been part of one or more of your past life experiences. We can say this because, if you are drawn to the Stargate work you are an advanced spiritual being, whether or not it feels like it for you in this current lifetime. Know that you have lived in abundance in previous lives. Some of you have claimed that ability in this life and are living in abundance. On a more financial level, some of you have brought forth the ability to live abundance on a social level, with many deep friends. Many beautiful relationships. But we say to each and every one of you, you can call forth this vibration, this knowingness of how to create abundantly in your life. You can call it forth from your past experience. Because Beloveds, everything is in the now. This is hard for the mind to grasp. 

- Alcazar

Becoming Superconscious, March 2021

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